How Toggl hires high-quality
candidates with Hundred5 Case Study

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Toggl is a time-tracking software offering online time tracking and reporting services TYPE SaaS startup TEAM SIZE 78 employees Hired with hundred5 68 new employees

68 new employees hired
with Hundred5
1,500+ applicants per position on average
22h saved on sourcing, screening and shortlisting per hire
72% fewer candidates interviewed before a hire

Toggl employees hired with Hundred5

20 frontend developers
17 backend developers
9 mobile developers
8 customer support agents
6 marketers
8 others*

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part i The Challenge — Slow and Expensive Recruitment Process

Typical recruiting problems for
startups & small companies
  • Standing out from thousands of other job openings
  • Getting stronger candidates to apply for the job
  • Screening quality candidates from piles of applications
  • Doing all of the above as cost-efficiently as possible
Toggl’s situation was not different - after an intense 6-month hiring period, the team managed to hire only one developer, who they soon let go because he lacked the skills needed for the job.
“We spent hours on resumes and cover letters, but still didn’t know if the candidate is skilled or not. From there it was clear that we can’t continue with CV-based hiring - it’s just too inefficient.”
Alari Aho
Alari Aho Founder of Toggl

part ii The Solution — Using Hundred5 to find & hire quality candidates faster

Why should startups switch to Hundred5’s performance-based hiring?

Reason 1: To evaluate candidates based on their actual skills and knowledge, not resume keywords

Toggl ditched resumes completely because they offered limited value, and were an inefficient use of time. To see candidate’s real skills before the interviews, they now start the hiring process with a short skills quiz using Hundred5.
Hundred5 Test Screenshot
“CVs don’t work because they focus only on the strengths of the candidate. But a skill test is much harder to fool. Either you know the answers or not.”
Paul Scharf
Paul Scharf Mobile Team Lead at Toggl
Has hired 6 mobile developers with Hundred5
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Reason 2: To attract more passive quality candidates

Toggl struggled to get high-quality candidates from job boards. Today, they use engaging skills tests over traditional resumes, and they promote the job openings on social channels. This helps to attract passive candidates who weren’t even looking for a new job.
Tweet Screenshot Tweet Screenshot
We used to get around 60 applicants per job opening. Today, this number is 1200. We would never have attracted so many candidates with a regular application process.”
Kadri Heinväli
Kadri Heinväli Customer Support Lead at Toggl
Has hired 5 Customer Support Agents with Hundred5
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“If I had to submit a resume and cover letter, I can almost certainly say I would not have applied for the position.”
Emma Murray
Emma Murray User Acquisition Specialist at Toggl
Joined Toggl in September 2017
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Reason 3: To speed up the pre-qualification phase

At Toggl, hiring a new team member used to take up to 3 months. The team wasted time interviewing the candidates who looked good on paper, but turned out to lack the required skills and knowledge.

Today, Toggl has removed the time-consuming parts of the process. The only unautomated part is setting up a skill test which is a one-time setup. Once the questions are prepared and job opening published, the system automatically pre-qualifies candidates as they apply via the test.
“I can automatically select the top 10% of candidates and move on in the hiring process with them. All this requires only setting up a test once and can seed great hires for several months.”
Mart Virkus
Mart Virkus Marketing Lead at Toggl
Has hired 5 marketers with Hundred5

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Why skill tests work and CVs don’t
  1. They’re more likely to grab the attention
  2. You can easily share them everywhere
  3. You get to ask specific questions
  4. You can immediately weed out weak applicants
Out of the 12 developers we’ve hired, most weren’t actively looking for a job. They just went into the quiz thinking all they have to lose is few minutes of their time.”
Andrin Riiet
Andrin Riiet Product Lead at Toggl
Has hired 12 front-end developers with Hundred5

part iii The Results

+ 68 new employees hired
with Hundred5 Hiring based on skills not resume keywords has made the team more international and diverse.
1,500+ applicants per position
on average The short and engaging skills quizzes have helped to get more attention, especially among passive quality candidates.
+ 22h saved on sourcing
& screening per hire The automatic pre-screening in the beginning of the hiring process has eliminated the time usually spent on weak applicants.
- 72% fewer candidates
interviewed before a hire The team no longer wastes time interviewing candidates who looked good on paper but lacked the basic required skills.
In total, Toggl has had over 50,000 test takers for multiple positions, out of which they’ve hired 68 new employees. They have only one person overseeing the hiring – and even then it’s a half-time job.
“We save a ton of time which would usually be wasted on unqualified applicants. Second, we know from the very beginning if they are capable of doing the job or not. Third, and perhaps most important, we save plenty of money by hiring the right people from the start. Back in 2013 hiring was our problem nr 1, now it’s problem nr 20.”
Krister Haav
Krister Haav CEO & Co-founder of Toggl

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