How to save $940 on recruiting costs?

On average, it takes 30-40 hours to hire a new employee. You spend five hours on resumes, 20 hours on interviews, and another 10 hours on background checks and trial tasks. Given your staff time is worth $40/hour, filling just one position costs you around $1500.

How to make this process faster and cheaper?

Start your recruitment by screening applicant’s skills with Hundred5. This way the non-qualified applicants are being weeded out right away, leaving you a smaller and stronger talent pool to focus on.

Here’s a breakdown of the savings from using Hundred5 for recruiting one person, if the staff wage is $40/hour.

The hidden costs of screening
Regular screening
Read 100 resumes5$200
Phone 30 candidates10$400
Interview 5 candidates (2 managers)10$400
Test qualification with trial work5$200
Screening with Hundred5
Narrow candidates pool to 10 candidates1$40
Phone 5 candidates1.5$60
Interview 2 candidates (2 managers)4$160
Test qualification with trial work0$0
You save
Total saved: $940

Stop wasting time on non-qualified applicants. Speed up your recruitment and spend less money on hiring costs.

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