The best way to hire remote staff

Start your hiring process by screening candidates' skills. Be sure the people you interview have what it takes to be successful in a remote work environment and in the role that you are looking for.

Remote hiring
that works

  1. Rely on actual skills, not resumes
  2. Engage with a global talent pool
  3. Hire within a week, not a month
  4. Waste zero time on the wrong people
Find more remote candidates
Make applying for a job unique and fun by challenging people all over the world in places where they are already active.
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Screen candidates effortlessly
Waste no time on unsuitable candidates. Screen candidates’ job related skills as a first-pass filter and invite only the top performers to the interviews.
Predict real job performance
Don’t just ask for misleading resumes. Skill assessment tests strongly predict success in real work and tell you something you can’t learn from resumes.
“We have reduced our staff turnover by 80%.”
Evelin Andrespok, HR manager at Toggl