Recruit high-quality candidates

Hundred5 will help you find qualified leads, match their skills to job requirements
and identify your best candidates before interviewing.

Toggl’s results
with Hundred5:

+68 new employees

1500+ applicants per job

22h saved per hire

1 HR manager handling all

“We spent hours on resumes, but still didn’t know if the candidate is qualified or not. From there it was clear that we can’t continue with CV-based hiring – it’s just too inefficient.
Alari Aho
Founder @ Toggl
“If I had to submit a resume and cover letter, I can almost certainly say I would not have applied for the position.”
Emma Murray
Marketing Specialist @ Toggl
Source quality leads
Put a quick and engaging challenge in front of your exact target audience, and you will grab the attention of those passive quality candidates who are not looking for a job.
Match skills to requirements
Let people prove their abilities for the job by solving on-the-job tasks as they apply. This will help you quickly identify qualified candidates and eliminate everyone else before the interviews.
Save time and money
Speed up the pre-qualification phase by knowing from the very beginning if the candidates are capable of doing the job or not. It will save you plenty of resources.
“Back in 2013, hiring was our problem no. 1.
Today it’s problem no. 20.”