Reduce hiring bias

Evaluate candidates using short skill-based quizzes. Pick out the best candidates based on their skills performance, not subjective factors like origin, gender or college degree.

Create your first test

Diversify your workforce

  1. Attract a diverse talent pool
  2. Focus on skills, not background
  3. Use objective data to decide who to hire
  4. Increase employee retention by 80%

OK. How to hire bias-free?

Employer creates a short test to screen candidates’ skills and performance.
Candidates apply for a job by taking the test and proving their abilities for the role.
The system checks the answers and sorts the candidates according to the test scores, without looking at personal info.
Employer invites the best ones to the interview and makes a strong skill-based hire completely bias-free.
Attract more diverse candidates
Make applying for a job unique and fun. Attract those hard-to-get candidates with short challenges in places where they like to spend their time.
Review applicants 90% faster
Say goodbye to time-consuming resume reviews. Instead, pre-screen applicants with a series of short questions that test the basic knowledge required for the role.
Get full picture before interview
Lose no time and money on mediocre candidates. Get an overview of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and interview only those with the necessary skills.
“Richness in thinking comes from diversity of exposure.”