Work For Hundred5 From Anywhere by Marit Martin on Jan 2, 2019

We believe great people will make awesome stuff anywhere. New York, São Paulo, or a quiet village near Florence. No need to move for your dream job. We hire globally. You work locally.

digital marketer

Digital Marketer

We are looking for a data-driven and native English-speaking marketer to build and grow our inbound marketing strategy from the ground up.

You will own the majority of the marketing funnel for our company, and be in charge of 1️⃣ attracting site traffic, 2️⃣ converting that traffic into new leads, and 3️⃣ nurturing those leads to close into customers. 

To see if we are suitable for you, take this 10-minute quiz with 9 questions.

We don’t care about your college degree or work experience. We just want to know that you can do this job. So go ahead and take the test – we ask questions that we think are important for this role. For example, which ad example has the best ROI or what you would tweet about us. 

👉 Take the Digital Marketer test

product marketer

Product Marketer

We are looking for an emphatic marketer to tell the world (and company) the story of Hundred5 – how it makes a difference in the lives of recruiters and job seekers.

You will play a crucial role in positioning Hundred5 in the right way, to the right people, because you have a deep understanding of recruiters’ work and how each of our features can fulfill their needs. 

In addition to the marketing team, you will regularly collaborate with our product and business development teams to craft the strategy around the messaging and marketing for new launches. We see this position as a stepping stone to become a product manager. 

To apply, take this 10-minute test. 

We’re not fans of resumés, as we believe they don’t show people’s actual skills and potential. So instead, we let people answer a few questions about things that we think are important for this role. For example, how you would gather product feedback or communicate a price increase to our customers.

👉 Take the Product Marketer test


Visual Designer 

We are looking for an analytical designer to join our growth team and be in charge of our visual communication. 

Hundred5 is founded by people with a design background – so good design is essential to us. As an early-stage startup, this has also helped us meet our needs so far with our own resources. Fast forward to today, rapid growth has led us to a point where we need some extra help.

When looking at the plans we have for 2019, it is more than clear that we need a firm and experienced partner who takes ownership of all aspects of our visual communication.

You will work collaboratively with a cross-functional team of marketers and business developers, to keep our brand coherent, create converting campaigns and interactive assets that educate and inspire recruiters and job seekers throughout their journey with Hundred5. 

Think you’re a good fit? Take this quiz – the answer is just 10 questions away!

We ask things we think are important for this role. For example, we want to know your opinion on some design work, and explore how you operate as a designer.

👉 Take the Visual Designer test

jobs at hundred5

About Hundred5

At Hundred5, we want to make recruitment fair.

Getting a job shouldn’t be gambling. It should be like sports – if you’re good at what you do, you should win. No matter where you come from, what your name is, what gender you are or what you believe in.

We believe that you should get the job, if you fit the company and can do the job. That’s what we’re here to help make happen. Because that’s fair.

“It was the best application I have ever taken. I wish every company started their hiring process this way.”

– James, a candidate

So, our team is building a candidate-focused application platform that allows job seekers prove their work skills, not resume writing skills.

Instead of sending in a resume and cover letter, they can peek inside the job by solving a few quick tasks relevant to the position. It may be a simple single-choice question, a math task or a picture quiz. Or whatever else is important at this job.

perform a skill test to join hundred5

In this way, both sides – the candidate and the company – will know if they are the right fit for each other before either of them commit more time and money to the process. Win-win!

About the company

Hundred5 grew out from a fully remote company Toggl, who built the very first version of our product. It worked so incredibly well for them that the news spread and other companies started to ask if they could try it, too.

So in the spring of 2017, when Hundred5 had been internally in use for 4 years, we rolled it out as a separate product with its own remote team and legal entity. 🎉

Nevertheless, we still keep in touch with Toggl people on a daily basis, share some resources with them and once every year, we all travel together somewhere nice. To get to know us better, you can watch this video.

“We’re building a product for the future of recruitment.”

– Marit, CEO at Hundred5

At Hundred5, there’s currently 9 of us – each and every one nice and talented. We have people working from Estonia, United States, Scotland, Serbia and Hungary. By the end of 2019, we’re aiming to be at least double the current team size.

hundred5 remote team

Our company culture is built on independence, flexibility and self-ownership. This means that each of us can choose the time and place to work in, as long as the communication channels remain open and the job gets done.

We meet up with the whole team twice a year to discuss new ideas, deepen our team culture, and have fun with the whole team together. By the way, we just had a trip to an isolated island where we saw free-range rabbits, went to the sauna and played Cards Against Humanity next to a fireplace. 

hundred5 at a remote island

Perks and Benefits

Working with us feels like the future – you can contribute from anywhere in the world and have incredible amounts of freedom.

🏡 Work remotely: Live and work wherever you like. 

💰 Salary: We have competitive salaries that raise twice a year when goals are met.

💻 Technology: Get a laptop you love to do your best work.

☕ Work smart: We’ll cover your co-working space rent and give a budget to create your ideal home office setup. 

⛺ Time off: 28 days paid vacation.

⛹️‍♀️ Sports: We’ll pay for your gym or other sports club membership.

👩‍⚕️ Healthcare: We take care of our international folks as best we can and try to find working solution for everyone. 

👓 Vision correcting aid: Need new glasses? Not a problem.

✈️ Retreats: 2 team trips every year.

📚 Free books: Get all the e-books you like anytime, no questions asked.

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