Why Hiring Based on Resume Doesn’t Work for Remote Companies by Indrek Lepik on Aug 14, 2019

It’s no secret that for some time now a new reality has taken hold – your workplace and your home don’t have to be tied to the same area or even the same time zone. 

Setting up your business in a way that leverages remote workers is a great way to broaden the available talent pool, cut costs and give your clients 24/7 support without unreasonable hours “at the office”. But with those opportunities, as always in life, come new challenges.

How To Screen & Hire People Who Can Be A Continent Away?

The World Bank estimates that 65 percent of the world’s population is working age. The same proportion applies to OECD countries, the EU, “high income” countries and other sub-categories that encompass countries with a highly skilled workforce. So whichever group you take, you’re looking at a talent pool of hundreds of millions of people who might be a great addition to your team, but who you must first lure out.

The good news is, we’ve already found a great way to filter that talent pool without screening hundreds of resumes. Out of simple necessity we – at Hundred5 – built a hiring tool that does away with the traditional resume review process. Instead of plowing through stacks of CVs we created a platform for testing applicants for their relevant skills. Because at the end of the day you need people who can do the jobs that need to be done. 

And while you can with some certainty gauge those skills from employment history or educational background in your own country, doing so for the whole world is impossible (not to mention the fact that CV embellishment is the norm).

Test Your Candidates For Their Skills

Experience has shown that testing for skills is actually very easy and the results are a good predictor of future job performance. A good side result is the fact that to test for a position you have to know what you want — what are the key skills needed, what are the essential elements of your company’s culture and so on. 

So for example, in order to find just the right backend developer for your company, you might want to check out how we would hire a backend developer with a quick skill test.

Over the years this practice has saved us endless hours and needless costs, but has also helped to cultivate an environment that doesn’t discriminate — the only distinction is based on relevant skills.

And what about taking those tests? They are actually fun and engaging! Most people hate job boards, updating their CVs and, worst of all, writing another cover letter, but taking a short and engaging skill test is a fun activity that doesn’t require much time and preparation. So in today’s extremely competitive market for top talent, you might find someone ideal for your team just because they had 10 minutes to spare. Isn’t that just great?

How To Hire Without Resumes?

Testing for skills & performance when hiring remotely makes sense because it takes out the needless bureaucracy of applying for a job. Check this page for some inspiration on how to hire remote workers without CVs, and create your own performance-based job opening for remote workers for free with Hundred5.

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