Welcome to the New Era of Hiring – the Era of the Candidate by Mile Živković on May 27, 2019

Looking back at the past couple of decades of HR, the process for finding new employees has stayed pretty much the same. A company has a vacancy, they put out a job ad, bunch of people apply, they try to find the best person for the job, they have an interview and hopefully, someone gets hired.

In other words, the focus was all on the employer.

It was a buyer’s market – there were so many candidates to choose from that you could allow yourself to have openings for weeks and months. Applicants came in flocking and you could take your time making up new ways to find the best one.

The problem is, things no longer work that way in 2019 and beyond and we have to come up with new tactics.

The unemployment rates around the world are lower than ever. There are more job openings than ever. In highly competitive industries such as web development, you have to wait months just to get a few good applicants. Finding great people has become harder than ever. And this is all because of one major thing that changed the most in the job application process…

The candidate.

The good news is, there are plenty of great candidates in the job market, it’s just that it takes a different approach.

The age of instant

Say that you want to book a hotel room with your partner for a nice weekend getaway. Instead of going to a travel agency (as you would a decade ago), you hop on Booking and get a room in five minutes. Once you’re there, you can get a ride using Uber or Lyft, within seconds. Want to watch a movie in your hotel room? The new season of Game of Thrones loads up in seconds on Netflix. The point is – all of our experiences today are instant. We expect it and we get agitated if we have to wait for things.

And yet, candidates have to wait weeks for feedback when they apply for a job.

Sure, lots of people apply. But candidates already know that recruiters only spend seconds looking at their resumes. And even if there are hundreds of candidates, why does that take weeks to complete? Checking the resume, going through references, doing a test, inviting the candidate for an interview… It’s a process that can bore even the most motivated candidates to death.

Ultimately, those who are really desperate and need a job are the ones who persevere to the end. And you don’t want those candidates – you want the best candidates. However, the best candidate was waiting for you to review their resume. In the meantime, they applied to seven more openings and got three interviews and a job offer, while you were busy making up your mind.

With Hundred5, we bridge the gap so that you can get the best candidates out there. By taking one of our skills tests, the candidate gets rapid feedback, usually minutes after taking the test. No more second guessing, no more waiting to see if they’re a good fit, no more HOURS looking through a pile of resumes.

It’s simple – if the candidate knows how to do the job, they go to the next round. If they don’t, they go to the rejection pile. It’s also amazingly fast – you can scan through thousands of candidates within minutes. The best part? You don’t have to spend weeks pushing someone through different hiring rounds only to find out they can’t do the basic tasks related to the job. Once you know if they can do the job or not, you can invite them for an interview, saving your time and theirs.

Another problem with resumes…

How many recruiters and hiring managers do you know who say they are crazy about resumes? Most detest them, because of many reasons. They take a long time to read through, they don’t show whether someone can really do the job or not, candidates tend to lie on them, you can easily discriminate based on them, many good candidates suck at writing CVs, and many other reasons.

Candidates hate them too. Talking about yourself can feel pretty awkward, especially when putting your entire career in perspective, even if’s a short one. Imagine working in a single position for five years and then wanting to change jobs. After five long years, you have to sit down and type out a resume from scratch. You’d probably realize you don’t hate your job that much just yet.

I haven’t touched my own resume in three years now. It’s similar with most copywriters – it’s an industry where no one really cares where you worked or how long, as long as you have good samples and you can get the job done. So, why isn’t it the same in other professions? Why do companies cling on to glorified timelines of past employers to make decisions as important as hiring?

The passive candidate

We usually don’t get married to our jobs. We all have some aspect of our job which could be improved and we know that there are positions and companies out there we’d like better. Trouble is, these kinds of candidates can’t be easily persuaded into applying for your job.

Passive candidates already have a job they (hopefully) don’t dislike enough to quit, so making them apply is going to be tough. The chances decrease even more if you have a lengthy, complicated application process that forces those people into writing their resume again.

However, we have seen in practice that passive candidates love applying for jobs, if you approach them in the right way.

The new era of hiring

Things are not that grim. At Hundred5, we created an app for companies to find better candidates more quickly, without wasting time and money on 50-year-old hiring techniques. What makes us different is that our customers’ target audience loves us.

That’s right, not our customers, but the people who apply for jobs using Hundred5 love using our app.

Consistently, people who apply for jobs through Hundred5 say they like the experience, precisely because it’s different than anything else out there. What’s more, even those people that don’t go to the next round say they like it.

There are a few reasons why Hundred5 works.

  1. It takes minutes to apply instead of hours
  2. No resumes, no cover letters, no 10-page applications
  3. Candidates immediately know if they’re good for the job or not
  4. There is no bias (age, education, race, religion…)
  5. They get to prove their skills
  6. It’s actually fun to do

From large companies with hundreds of employees to startups with a handful of people, we’ve found overwhelmingly positive reactions to Hundred5. Here’s why you should join the movement.

The new hiring revolution is coming

The tides are turning. Candidates are on the choosing side, as openings are popping up and there are fewer qualified applicants than ever before. Those applying are expecting instant feedback and employers need to move more quickly than ever before. Using resumes for hiring in 2019 is similar to using faxes for communication. It’s outdated, impractical and drains your time and money.

The future of hiring is now. Do you want to take a brave step forward or keep losing great candidates and wasting your time and money?

Come see why candidates love Hundred5. Find better employees, faster, with less money spent on hiring. Give candidates the hiring experience they deserve and get the candidates you deserve.

Are you ready? Book a demo to learn more.

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