The Ultimate List of the Best Diversity Recruiting Tools

To diversify our candidate pool, we have thrown out resumes and the traditional recruiting process. Our new method relies on algorithms that sort applicants solely according to their skills and target young potential hires where they spend most of their time: their social channels.

Luckily, there are many tools focusing on diversity recruitment through a variety of techniques like diverse candidate sourcing, blind auditioning, skill-based reviewing, unbiased job ad descriptions, neuroscience games etc.

And here is a list of the best ones.


1. Hundred5 – A tool for screening skills, not CVs, as a first-pass filter


Hundred5 reduces hidden biases at the earliest stage of the hiring process. Instead of screening CVs, it tests applicants' objective job related skills and finds the most potential candidates without ever looking at factors like age, gender, ethnicity, education, race etc.

Short and engaging challenges are also a good way to increase and diversify the talent pool, as people LOVE quick quizzes and this way everyone has an equal chance to prove themselves.

Candidate sourcing

Each test gets a unique link that can be used on the company's website or shared across all social channels.

Key features

  • Free tests and questions
  • Custom tests and questions
  • Automatic evaluation
  • Hiring pipeline
  • Strong analytics


Starting from $290/month + 14-day free trial.


2. Gapjumpers – A platform for blind auditions


Instead of allowing details, such as a candidate’s education, get in the way of making a great hire, employers can ask candidates to provide anonymous answers to assignments related the roles they are hiring for.

Candidates typically have 1 to 3 days to complete and submit the task, which is then reviewed by the employer to decide whether the applicant will be invited to the next round.

Candidate sourcing

The job and its assignment will be listed in their site and can be shared through a link.

Key features

  • Free tests and questions
  • Custom tests and questions
  • GapJumpers' candidate network


It is unclear, but some articles suggest that the annual subscription fee ranges from $5,000 to $40,000, for the use of the platform and for access to GapJumpers' candidate network.


3. Blendoor – A blind job-matching app


Blendoor is a mobile job-matching app that hides data that is not relevant and highlights what is. It lets job seekers upload resumes, then blurs out their name, age, employment history, criminal background, and even their photo, so employers can focus on qualifications.

Candidate sourcing

The app captures candidate data from your existing applicant tracking systems and/or online job boards.

Key features

  • Hides irrelevant details on resumes
  • Collects data that shows where bias happens


It is free for job seekers to upload a profile, but companies are paying $400 per job listing on the app.


4. Entelo Diversity - A platform for searching diverse candidates


Entelo is a recruiting platform with an algorithm that helps companies search candidates from underrepresented groups based on their skills, gender or ethnicity. The system sifts through social profiles and other online data to gather clues about those who meet the criteria.

Candidate sourcing

By aggregating social and professional data from multiple sources across the web, Entelo provides robust candidate profiles of those you are targeting.

Key features

  • Candidate profiles from multiple sources
  • Automatic and optimized candidate outreach
  • Strong reporting on email campaigns
  • Various ATS integrations


Prices are not mentioned on their website, but sources suggest it is $1000/month for a month-to-month subscription or $500/month if you sign up for a whole year.


5. Pymetrics – A tool to measure cognitive and personality traits


Pymetrics applies proven neuroscience games and bias-free AI to predictively match people with jobs where they will perform at the highest levels.

Applicants spend about 20 minutes playing behavior-based games to measure inherent traits and if their results match the required profile of a certain position, they can move on to the next round.

Candidate sourcing

Candidates can learn about the jobs on company's website or even get targeted through social channels. Pymetrics also has its own database of people who have passed various tests.

Key features

  • Validated neuroscience games
  • Bias-free and machine learning algorithms
  • Powerful database of different careers and their behavioral data


Their pricing is not public. You need to apply for a demo to get an offer.


6. Textio - A tool to write less biased job descriptions


Textio is a augmented writing tool that helps you write unbiased job postings. It sifts through the content of your job postings and make recommendations for edits based on what kind of language is going to appeal — or scare away — certain demographics.

Key features

  • Text evaluation
  • Tone evaluation
  • Editing guidance


You get to sign up for a 14-day free trial, but to keep using the tool, you need to contact the company to get a custom offer.


7. Talent Sonar – A blind resume review software

Talent Sonar

Talent Sonar aligns hiring decisions with company values through blind resume review so the best person can win. It helps hiring managers develop job postings that will attract a wide range of candidates, and structure job interviews that focus on the candidate's specific qualifications.

And once the resumes start coming in, the tool hides applicants’ names, gender, and other personal identifiers to encourage employer to focus on the most relevant criteria for job success.

Candidate sourcing

Candidates can learn about open positions on the company's website.

Key features

  • Text evaluation for job descriptions
  • Blind resume review
  • Structured interviews
  • Content templates


It has a free plan with limited features, but to get the best out of the product, you need to contact the team and ask for a custom offer.


8. ROIKOI - A tool for finding diverse talent through employee referrals


ROIKOI is a diversity recruiting software that helps companies find great people through employee referrals and match those recommendations to open jobs. And to eliminate unconscious bias, recruiters can hide personal identifiers for new candidates.

Candidate sourcing

The system sources candidates from your employees' Facebook connections and builds a database of talent suggested by the people in your company.

Key features

  • Curated database of referrals
  • Automated role-matching
  • Candidate outreach via emails
  • Hiding personal identifiers


Not clear. You have to request a demo to get an offer.

If you have heard of some other tool, or can recommend a technique to recruit a more diverse workforce, please feel free to get in touch or drop a comment below.

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