The Hiring Process We’ve Used to Triple Our Team by Marit Martin on Jun 14, 2017

Hiring is a key element when growing a company. But finding and attracting the best talent is not easy. And bad hiring decisions might undermine the company’s culture, waste huge amount of time and hold back the progress.

In 2013 we hit an all time low in recruiting, when the company (Toggl) spent ridiculous amount of time browsing job boards, and reading hundreds of résumés in an effort to hire skilled people, with little success.

So out of clear desperation we developed a new in-house hiring tool – Hundred5 – which we recently launched as a public product so that others could also benefit from it.

Each team is unique, and have its own methods. But here’s how Toggl used Hundred5 to find the perfect hire.

1. Make sure you know what you want

Before starting with the recruitment process, we write down all the tasks that need to get done and skills we expect the candidate to have. Even better would be to outline the goals you want your team member to achieve. Skipping this step might come back to bite you later on when making a final choice.

2. Build an engaging test that checks job-related skills

The majority of the applicants are fortune-seekers who just try their luck. So we use simple tests to avoid wasting time on separating them from skilled candidates later on. Besides that, our intention is also to generate interest and a sense of a challenge. Because in our experience, people LOVE a quick competition.

Here’s a demo test built with Hundred5. Its system evaluates candidates’ answers and picks out the best performers.

3. Set up an awesome jobs page

It’s extremely important for a startup to stand out from the crowd. So we designed a unique jobs page to attract candidates and give them a sense of our culture.

It has a video greeting and brief descriptions of every open job opening. The main focus is on getting people to take a test, and thereby reach greater number of candidates to pick from. Using simple but catchy tests has lowered the application barrier. And attracted people who were not really looking for a new job.

Usually we aim to amplify the network effect. So every position on our jobs page has a unique link that is shareable on every social media channel. And running a Facebook campaign with the help of the entire team and our fans has worked perfectly.

4. Automate the communication and feedback

The most unpleasant part of the hiring process is sorting through applications and providing feedback to candidates who did not make it to the next round. It’s so time-consuming.

But now, we get a shortlist of top candidates. And everyone else is handled and contacted automatically by the system. It gives a brief feedback of test results right after submitting and sends follow-up emails according to candidate’s performance.

5. Filter your candidates

A rational recruitment decision must be based on the same variables. And the best variables are job-related skills.

So Hundred5 finds us the best talent, without any bias, only based on a skill set. And from there on, we focus our energy only on that segment.

6. Test the remaining applicants in real life

Every time, our dream candidate has been somewhere in that shortlist. We just need to find them. For that, we set up a few hour test drive, immediately followed by a video interview. It will either confirm or refute the test result and gives us a chance to make sure that we are hiring a sane person.

This is how we’ve been able to hire 40+ people and thereby triple our team in three years. Now sign up for Hundred5 and take your recruitment process to the next level.

Hundred5 is a venture by Toggl and Teamweek

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