The ABC of How Hundred5 Works

Hundred5 helps to screen candidates' skills as the first recruitment step. It sorts out the least-suitable applicants, and gives you a shortlist of the most capable ones.

Create a job post

Create a job post

Include a test to screen candidates' skills

A good test weeds out the least-suitable applicants, leaving a smaller, better-qualified talent pool to undergo.

Include a test

Include a gift to reward superb performers

Create a positive experience by surprising the best candidates later with a gift.

Include a gift

Set up automated follow-up emails

Automating as many steps as possible allows you to focus all your energy and time only on the most qualified applicants.

Set up emails

Write welcome and thank you notes

Leave a positive impact with the first and last contact.

Welcome and thank you notes

Share your job post on social channels to attract applicants

You’ll find the best candidates by ending up in their social channels.

Share your job post

Explore the talent pool

Review the shortlist of the best candidates and decide who will be invited to the next round.

Explore talent pool

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