The ABC of How Hundred5 Works by Melissa Sepp on Aug 31, 2017

With Hundred5, the process is shorter, easier, and more effective. And most importantly, you will pick the best possible future employee for your company!

Creating Hundred5 test is super easy – check it out:

Create a test for your new job position

A good test weeds out the least-suitable applicants, leaving a smaller, better-qualified talent pool to undergo.

After clicking on Add New Job Opening, you will have an option to choose between getting a generated test for your desired position, building your own test from scratch, or ordering a custom-made test just for you.

ABC #1

Let’s go with the test generator – all you have to do is choose the position you want to fill:

ABC #2

Choose the skills you require from future candidates:

ABC #3

Now, choose whether your hiring remotely or locally and, if locally, which city would that be.

ABC #4

And Hundred5 test is generated! You can edit the questions yourself, or ask for them to be regenerated. Time limit and the number of questions are up to you as well. But, first, let’s dive into the basic settings. If you click on the “Settings” tab you’ll be able to change the job position title and choose when you want to get the email notifications.

ABC #01

Next, on the “Integrations” tab you can integrate Hundred5 with your ATS. At the moment, we support Greenhouse and Workable.

ABC #02

Customize your application process

ABC #5

Hundred5 is completely customizable – you can easily edit every aspect of the application process.  Change the name of the position, pick an authentication platform, and add different messages potential candidates will see when they finish the Hundred5 test.

Design your job ad to attract the most attention

It’s easy to pick the design for your job ad that will attract the right talent. Most importantly, our design is social media friendly.

ABC #6
ABC #7

Customize your screening test

ABC #8
ABC #9

Customize the after-test screen

ABC #10
ABC #11

Set up automated follow-up emails

Automating as many steps as possible allows you to focus all your energy and time only on the most qualified applicants. Hundred5 offers different options, and you can easily communicate the next steps of the process to your candidates, regardless of their result.

ABC #12
ABC #13

Share your job post on social channels to attract applicants

You’ll find the best candidates by ending up in their social channels. We will help you promote your job opening on Facebook and Instagram, and reach potential candidates where they spend their free time. To ensure the optimal reach of your ad, choose one of our boost options with different reach and duration. And, you get the initial boost (worth $25) for FREE!

ABC #14
ABC #15

You can also choose to go for a boost using Facebook Ads to get more candidates.

ABC #16

Prior to publishing your post you can preview it to make sure everything is in order and also send a link to your colleagues to take a look as well.

Explore the talent pool

After the job ad is out there, you will be surprised how quickly you’ll get a big number of applicants to choose from. Review the shortlist of the best candidates and decide who will be invited to the next round.

ABC #17
ABC #18

Have a clear overview of statistics and success of your hiring campaign

Hundred5 gives you a clear overview of the candidate funnel, as well as best performing sources of your candidates. So next time, you will know on which channels to focus to attract the best talent.

ABC #19
ABC #20

Check how satisfied candidates are with your hiring process

ABC #20
ABC #21

And that’s the Hundred5 process – easy, right? Now the only thing left to do is start interviewing. Good luck!

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Just drop us a line at

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