Sourcing from Facebook: 44 Best Facebook Groups to Find Remote Talent by Mile Živković on Dec 19, 2018

As we’ve previously written, Facebook can be an excellent place for finding new talent to hire. There’s numerous ways to go about it, with many companies choosing paid ads to promote their job openings. However, you can source talent completely free, using Facebook groups.

There are lots of communities for finding work, and there’s an especially large number of them focusing on remote work. As Hundred5 also works remotely and we’re huge proponents of remote work, we’re put together a list of groups on Facebook where you can source remote talent.

Why source from Facebook?

First and foremost, half of the world’s population is using this social media platform. Second and even more important, it’s a great way to get in front of passive candidates. As we’re previously mentioned, the majority of workforce are passive candidates. While they would like to change their job, they can’t be bothered to fill out job applications, update their CVs and write out cover letters.

On Facebook, they’re interacting with their friends and within communities, without thinking of looking for a job, which makes it more likely they’ll interact with your company and apply for you openings.

Why Facebook groups? According to many marketers, Facebook’s organic traffic has dropped to as low as 2% and using paid ads can cost quite a lot, without a guarantee for results. On the other hand, groups are a much more efficient way to communicate, as members apply to join and participate, making it more likely to get meaningful engagement.

List of Facebook groups to find remote employees

If you’ve ever created a group on Facebook, you know how easy it is to get started – everyone can do it. What separates the good from bad groups is the size of the community and the engagement it gets. In other words, you need a group with a lot of members that has plenty of daily activity. Here are the best groups for finding remote employees on Facebook, with a brief description for each.

Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere – Inventive Hub – With more than 28,000 members, this is one of the largest online communities for remote job seekers and employers.

Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads – If you want your job ad to be seen, this is the spot, with just over 60,000 members at the moment of writing this post.

Female Digital Nomads – This support group for women living the digital nomad lifestyle has tips on running businesses, living and working remotely, but it also has a few job openings posted here and there.

Remote marketing jobs – Although not as big as the previously mentioned groups, this remote-focused group is fairly active and a great place to post your job ads.

Remote Tech jobs – With around 3,000 members, this is a group dedicated to IT positions for remote workers. It’s open so you can take a peek inside before joining and posting your own jobs.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Remote Jobs @ letsworkremotely – Started by the people behind Letsworkremotely, this is one of the largest remote job groups on Facebook. Besides jobs from the site itself, you’ll find members posting open positions as well.

Remote Jobs – One of the oldest (founded in 2012) remote job groups, this one stands out with quality, since all posts have to be approved by the administrators, and they have to be remote/telecommuting job ads.

Remote Jobs Leads – A place to post legitimate remote jobs only. All posts are scanned so that there are no scams, promotions, referral links or MLM websites.

The Remote Work Group For Digital Nomads – Join this group for content and discussion on digital nomadism and remote work, as well as a chance to post your open positions to around 3,000 group members.

Remote Work Pros – Run by people behind RemoteWorkPros, this is the spot to share ideas and tips around remote work and of course, post some jobs.

Remote & Travel Jobs & Life – Founded by people from Pangian, this is another community for remote workers and digital nomads to share their experiences and look for new remote job opportunities.

Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities – A quick glance at group rules will tell you that this is the place to be if you’re looking to hire new remote talent.

Remote Workers – Although the group name is pretty bland, the content is not. Join if you want to be a part of place where people share their experience about remote work and find new jobs.

React Native [Remote Jobs] – This niche group is for React Native developers looking to hire or get hired. The group is open so you can take a glance at what’s out there before joining.

Remote Jobs / Marketplaces – Reviews – This unique group collects reviews of companies hiring remotely so you can make an educated decision on where candidates should apply.

Workationing: Support for Aspiring Digital Nomads and Remote Workers – The founders of the Workationing podcast set up this community to be able to share their insights on nomad life and remote work. You can slip in a remote job offer or two.

Binders Full of Remote Proofreading and Editing Jobs – If you’re a proofreader or editor looking for work, this is the place to be. The group is envisioned as a job/discussion board for these two types of work only.

Work Remotely – Although not that active, this 3,000-strong community is a neat place to learn about remote work and share your job openings.

Remote jobs, Remote internships, Remote opportunities and more – This small and upcoming group is a good place to watch out for when it comes to job seekers. It’s public so you don’t have to join to get an inside look.

Remote jobs at Best Startups – If there’s one type of company open to remote working, it’s startups. You can find some great opportunities in this group and post your job openings as well.

Remote Lifestyle: A community for sharing resources & inspiring each other – You can find general tips about the nomad and remote lifestyle, but job ads are welcome as well.

Remote VFX Work – Find and post opportunities for visual effects talent in this open group with just over 1,600 members.

Remote Work – Although the group name is hardly creative, the community is very much alive and there’s both employers and job seekers actively engaging daily.

Remote Work | Digital Nomad | Freelancers – Small but active group dedicated to posting remote job ads.

Remote Software Developer – As the name suggests, a group dedicated to software developer jobs.

Remote Visual Effects Jobs – If you have a remote job for a visual effects specialists such as a designer or modeler, this is the place to post it.

Remote HR – HR in this case does not stand for human resources; rather, it’s a group for remote workers and nomads from Croatia.

Remote Jobs in Blockchain and crypto-currencies – This aptly titled group lets members list cypto and blockchain remote jobs.

Dahab remote workers – A place for all remote workers and digital nomads stationed in Dahab. You can find some more general posts but also look for remote talent here.

Remote NonProfit – For anyone who loves working for non-profits and wants to work remotely, this is a great resource. All jobs are sorted by tags so it’s easy to find ads.

Remote Work – Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, WorkFar – A place with aggregated gigs for freelancers on popular platforms.

Remote Jobs – Created in 2015, this group has well over 11,000 members and it’s one of the most active ones on this list.

Remote and Freelance Jobs – Freelancers and remote job seekers lurk in this group, so it’s worth posting a job ad here.

Remote tech jobs Balkans – A place for people from the Balkans to share remote job ads and discuss remote culture.

Remote jobs/opportunities – You can post your job ads freely in this group with over 2,000 members, because that’s the only purpose of this group.

Remote CEOs – This niche group is for CEOs of remote companies only to share their experiences. Note: you will be asked to send your business’ details and personal LinkedIn before getting in.

Sofia Digital Nomads and Remote Workers – Bulgaria and its capital Sofia are one of the hottest places for digital nomads from around the world, thanks to low cost of living and great internet. You can find remote job opportunities and discussion on digital nomadism here.

Digital Nomads Forum – More of a general hangout for nomads, this place is filled with advice and questions on nomadism, but an occasional job ad slips by.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle – We Are Freedom Seekers – Tips and advice on how to start and thrive as a nomad.

Digital Nomad Booster Support Community for Online Startups  – A group dedicated to learning how to develop a business as a remote company – and a great place to look for new talent.

AdmirablePro Job Board – Post remote jobs and Hire remote talent! – Perhaps not as numerous when it comes to members, this group is quite active and dedicated to job seeking only.

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs – Perhaps the largest digital nomad group with over 40,000 members, it’s an excellent place to post your job ad and source some new talent.

Remote Jobs around Europe – For companies and job seekers in Europe only.

Best practices when sourcing from Facebook groups

First and foremost, read the group rules. While it may be incredibly tempting to copy and paste your job ad/post across a dozen different groups, the same post may not apply in different groups. Abide by the rules to make sure you stay in these groups in the future.

Furthermore, don’t spam. You may have more than one opening, but don’t post job 10 job ads at once in a single group. Neither the admins or the members will like it.

Provide all necessary information. You’ll probably get questions, quite a lot of them. Provide information such as the hours, time zones, necessary qualifications, ways to apply, compensation, etc. The more info you provide at the start, the less questions you’ll have to answer later on.

Finally, once you do get questions, reply to them and interact with the group members. Not all comments will be positive, but do your best to show yourself and the company in good light.

Do you know any more Facebook groups for finding remote talent? Do let us know in the comments!

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