Remote Job Boards – The Complete List by Mile Živković on Nov 1, 2018

Whether we like them or not, job boards are the number one spot for candidates to search for new work and companies to list vacancies. Even though more companies are turning to social media for job ads nowadays, job boards remain the primary way to hire and get hired. However, traditional job boards don’t work all that well for remote workers.

Enter, remote job boards.

These niche platforms allow remote-first, distributed and pro-remote companies to find quality applicants primarily looking for remote work. In order to help out companies and applicants looking to post and apply to remote job positions, here is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of remote job boards, along with a few words about each of them.

Why should you post your job ad on remote job boards?

Even though the whole idea of remote work is to get worldwide talent, it’s really hard to stand out as a company hiring remote workers.

After all, you have to compete with hundreds of thousands of other companies on countless generalist job boards. The internet is just too vast of a place and to target remote workers, you need to get in front of the places they visit – remote job boards.

Top remote job boards

Hundred5 – We won’t be too shy about it – Hundred5 has one of the best selections of remote jobs for IT roles, all posted on our Facebook page (which we recently turned into a remote job board). From developers, marketers, writers, SEO managers, data analysts – if it can be tested for, Hundred5 can find you great applicants. You can create a test and start sourcing for free and unlock your candidates for $290.

hundred5 job board

FlexJobs – One of the biggest online repositories of remote job ads, FlexJobs boasts one fact that makes them stand out from the crowd – their jobs are hand-screened so that applicants can apply safely, knowing the ad and business are legitimate. There are over 50 job categories and the site claims to have more than 3.5 million users. The only downside is that applicants have to pay to get access to job ads, at a minimum fee of $14.95 a month. You can list your job ad for free, while a Pro account comes with custom pricing.

WeWorkRemotely – The moment you land on their homepage, you’ll see the most impressive fact about WeWorkRemotely – it has over 2.5 million visitors monthly, making it an excellent place to post your job ad. Although it’s not exactly rich in categories (10 at the moment), WWR gets lots of traffic and their jobs are updated daily. It’s also one of the pricier job boards, with $299 per month for a single job ad.

we work remotely job board – One of the top sources for finding remote work online, has a great set of filters and a very handy newsletter. Find jobs according to type (writing, marketing, development, editing, etc.) and location (remote vs. remote US). Alongside a great job board with functional filters, has a blog with remote lifestyle tips and insights. Listing a job ad here will cost you $199 per month.

GitHub Jobs – What better place to find a developer than using the largest web repository of code there is? GitHub Jobs allows you to hire talented developers and get a sneak peek of their work through their submitted work and activity on the platform. For the convenience of finding developers where they love to hang out, you’ll pay $450 for one position for a 30-day job ad on GitHub.

github jobs

Remotive – With a modern design and a plethora of categories to choose from, Remotive is a magnet for great employers looking to find global talent. Some of the companies looking for applicants on Remotive at this moment include Automattic, Hotjar, Zapier, and Dribbble, so posting a job here means you’ll be in great company. You’ll also want to leave your email because Remotive’s newsletter delivers not only fresh, filtered jobs, but also tips on how to get hired and hire remote workers. It costs $199 per month to list a job ad on this board.

SkipTheDrive – At only $79 per month, you can list your job ad on a remote job board with one of the best names out there. Although the design is very minimal, there are a whole 32 categories of remote jobs to choose from, so candidates can find a great remote job and… skip the drive.

skip the drive

Virtual Vocations – Similar to FlexJobs, Virtual Vocations only lists hand-screen remote jobs, more than 600 per day, according to their data. With almost 19,000 currently available remote jobs, it’s one of the biggest online databases of telecommuting jobs and unlike FlexJobs, it’s free for applicants to use and companies to post a job ad.

Remote OK – With one of the biggest databases of remote jobs, RemoteOK has over 1 million monthly visits and an email subscriber list of over 54,000 potential applicants. This alone makes it worth posting a job on this board – if your company can take a hit of $299 for a job position for 90 days.

Working Nomads – With more than 10,000 remote jobs in 15 categories, Working Nomads is a vast resource of curated remote job ads from all over the internet. It also has one of the better newsletters, where applicants get sent hand-picked job ads once per day or week. Listing a job here costs $149 for one position, $129 for three and $109 per position for five positions.

Jobspresso – Boasting with around 100,000 monthly visitors, Jobspresso is not the most traffic-heavy remote job out there. However, posting a job ad here will put your company alongside giants such as Buzzfeed and Khan Academy, who have ads running at the moment of writing this post. Applicants can browse through a wide range of categories and get daily emails about new job ads. If you want your company ad on Jobspresso, you’ll pay anywhere from $199 (Basic package) to $629 (Professional package) for 90 days.

EuropeRemotely – When you land on EuropeRemotely’s website, you will either love or loathe the simplistic design and filters. I belong in the first group, as this remote job board does exactly what it promises – it lists remote job ads, specific to companies and workers from Europe. If you want your ad on this board, you’ll pay 50 Euros for a 45-day listing.

Outsourcely – Founded in 2014, Outsorcely is one of the bigger remote job boards, with over 400,000 remote workers from over 180 countries. You can chat with applicants directly on the platform, and the pricing depends on how many candidates you want to get in touch with. There are three plans – Individual ($19 per month), Small Business ($59 per month) and Professional ($99 per month). For example, the individual plan allows for 5 private chat connections and 0 email connections, with 2 remote job posts per month.

AdmirablePro Job Board – An extensive resource of curated remote jobs from all around the web. If you want to make it on their website, it will cost you $39 to list a job ad with a basic plan.

AngelList – if you’re excited about startups, this is the place to be. Angel is the largest startup job board, with prospective employers offering salaries and equity for positions ranging from development, marketing, sales, design, and many others. Its handy remote filter allows you to find startups hiring remotely with ease, as well as stand out as a remote company among competitors.

Atlas & Boots – If “Atlas and Boots” sounds like a poor name for a remote job board, it’s because it’s not really a job board. Primarily a travel blog, this website was turned into an impromptu destination where travel blog fans can find a job. It costs $99 per month to list a job as an employer.

DNX Jobs – if you’re from a German-speaking country and looking for remote work, there’s a niche job board offering just that – job ads for digital nomads and remote workers who speak German. Starting at 150 Euros per month, you can list your own job ad as well.

Forget the Commute – Entering the competition for the most innovative remote job board name, Forget the Commute was founded by a stay at home mom who wanted to work from home and enable others to do so as well. It’s one of the cheaper remote job boards out there, with listings costing $19.99 for 60 days.

Infinite Nomad – For applicants looking for remote jobs that allow them to live as a digital nomad, this is one of the best resources out there, with hand-picked, verified employers accepting of remote and nomadism lifestyles. There is no pricing, so you’ll have to contact the website owners to get a listing on this board.

LetsWorkRemotely – Not to be confused with WeWorkRemotely, this job board states that they have a database of over 100,000 remote workers who send in more than 2,500 applications per month. There’s a good range of categories, and companies can list 3 job ads for free for 15 days. If you need more time and job ads, you’ll have to pay for the Premium plan ($199, 30 days, 3 listings) or Premium+ ($399, 45 days, 5 listings).

Remote Machine Learning Jobs – This excellent niche job boards allow companies dealing with machine learning, data science, and deep learning to get in front of quality remote applicants. Even though the target audience is relatively small, there are currently 1,100 members and the board gets around 2,000 visits monthly. Posting a job ad costs $29 for 60 days.

Remote Only – This vast remote job resource functions as a curated list of jobs from all over the internet, with external links to original listings. If you want to be included as well, you’ll have to fork out $19 for 30 days.

Remote Work Hub – With a list of clients such as Dell, Apple, Stripe, Adobe, Salesforce, and BlackBerry, this remote job board is the place to be if you want your job ad seen. Unfortunately, it will only be seen by applicants willing to pay the $9 monthly premium membership. Listing a job is free for companies for 30 days, with a maximum of 10 open positions. However, you’ll have to apply and go through a screening process before you’re allowed in.

Taimingu – Besides having a job category filter, Taimingu lets you adjust your search according to a country, with the biggest choice in the US, UK, India, and the Philippines. This job board has a unique pricing system where posting a job is free, while your first 1,000 job ad views will cost you $50.

Telecommunity’s Remote Job Board – Don’t be discouraged by the occasional ad – this remote job board has a range of excellent remote job offers, allowing companies to list their open positions for free. For a featured listing, you’ll have to contact the website owners.

Workew – With 9 job categories to choose from and a database of over 60,000 candidates, Workew presents itself as a place for digital nomads to find jobs. Post a job ad for $125 for 90 days and join the ranks of employers such as Wikimedia, Toptal, and Github.

PowerToFly – Started with the aim to help women find jobs in Fortune 500 companies, PowerToFly is a niche remote job specializing in job ads targeting specifically women. Pricing for one job position is $298, all the way up to $2,580 for ten jobs.

Authentic Jobs – Established in 2005, Authentic Jobs is one of the oldest remote job boards out there, specializing in creative professions such as development, design, and writing. You can add your job listing for $300 per month.

Dribble – If you’re looking to hire a designer, Dribbble is one of the first places where you should start looking online. $299 per month gives you a chance to have your company in the same hiring arena as Facebook, Microsoft, Tumblr, and Salesforce.

Stack Overflow – Stack Overflow is a place for developers to share knowledge and find answers. With over 50-million unique visitors a month, it is the largest online community of software engineers. Pricing packages are custom built based on a variety of factors, so each company has to get in touch with them directly for pricing.

Ruby Now – If you’re looking to find a developer working in Ruby on Rails, look no further. With more than 10,000 applicants in their database, chances are that your new hire is waiting to be found through this remote job board. Listings range from $75 to $199 for 45 days.

ProBlogger – This job board is made by writers for writers and it’s one of the first websites I browse with my morning coffee. On ProBlogger, you can find everything from writing product descriptions for sleepwear to serious op-ed pieces for large news portals. It will set you back $70 to list a job for 30 days.

Travel Massive – This website for all things travel has a remote job board as an attachment to it, with hundreds of travel-related jobs from all over the world. Although not all job positions are remote, the selection is pretty varied. You’ll have to pay $89 for your way inside.

Après – Envisioned as a place for women who are looking to find flexible, full-time and return-to-work opportunities, this remote job board targets female applicants only, who have to pay $99 to get access to listings. Companies pay from $249 for 60 days, all the way up to $2499 annually.

Career Builder – One of the biggest online job repositories out there, Career Builder has a whopping 3 million jobs posted every month, with over 80 million applicants in their system. To get a shot at finding your dream candidate, you’ll have to pay $375 per position per month.

JobRack – For employers looking to hire remote workers from Eastern Europe, this is the place to be. There is no limit on the employers’ end, except for the $69 entry fee for a single job position per month.

Werk – This unique platform allows companies to take a glance inside their organization and see their employees’ needs for remote working conditions. On top of this innovative service, they also allow companies to place job ads, for a fee of $250 per job per month.

Growth Hackers Job Board – On this remote job board, you won’t find hundreds of jobs, but you’ll find quality listings, all specific to growth hacking. For $250 for 60 days, your company’s name can stand next to employers such as Mozilla and MailChimp.

Freelance and project-based remote job boards

Upwork may be the most popular freelancing platform out there, with 12 million registered users and five million clients, making up over $1 billion worth of jobs done annually. It’s a great place to find a freelancer for quick work or perhaps a longer contract. Freelancers are charged 5-20% for each transaction, making Upwork a better platform for employers.

TopTal – if you’re looking for an excellent developer, it’s really helpful if someone does the screening on your behalf. This is exactly what TopTal does, as it only allows top 3% of all developers in the world to join its ranks and browse available jobs.

Fiverr is the place where you want to go and pay $5 for the service of a skilled writer, digital marketer, designer, developer, etc. At least it was in the initial iterations of the service, while freelancers can freely set their rates now.

Guru – Similar to Upwork, Guru allows companies to pay freelancers in increments (milestones) to ensure constant work quality for employers and a secure income for the employees.

Freelancer – One of the most well-known and established online platforms for freelancers, there are more than 30 million available professionals for hire on this site

Freelancermap – Established in 2012, this German-based freelance platform offers companies services from more than 160,000 available freelance workers.

HubStaff Talent – First launched as a SaaS app for time measurement and productivity, HubStaff quickly turned into a platform for finding freelancers and contractors. There are plenty of useful filters for applicants, based on which they can get weekly newsletters with new jobs.

Textbroker – if you don’t want to hire a dedicated writer, you can delegate the work to Textbroker, who can find the best person for the job – one of their 100,000 and more US-based writers.

PeopleForce – this freelancer platform is built for enterprise-level clients looking for distributed workers based in the USA.

Maven – With more than ten years of existence, Maven is a crowdsourcing platform connecting employers with a wide range of workers across fields, from engineers to athletes.

CloudPeeps – This generalist freelance platform allows companies to find workers for all jobs, ranging from content to admin work, SEO, design, and PR. Posting jobs and finding workers is free, while freelancers have to pay fees, starting from $9 per month.

99Designs – What if instead of trusting one designer to get your work done, you could hire a couple dozen and choose the best work and then pay for it? This is exactly what 99Designs allows companies and individuals to do, and get the best bang for their buck.

Codeable – If you have a WordPress website and you need work done, Codeable has a freelancer that can do it for you. From theme design to installing plugins, you can hire an expert for the job at the rate they set themselves.


Whether you’re a company looking to hire remote workers or someone looking to work remotely, we believe this is the most exhaustive list of remote job boards out there. Keep your eyes peeled on this post as we will add more platforms and update it in the times to come. Happy talent hunting!

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