15 Recruiting Tools to Speed up Your Hiring Process by Mile Živković on Jul 12, 2019

Back in the day, recruiting was a massive game of waiting and collecting piles of resumes in paper form. Nowadays, all candidate information is in the cloud and our desks are cleaner than ever.

However, the number of applicants is not dwindling. Screening, sourcing, contacting and onboarding all those candidates can be a proper nightmare. Here are some of the top recruiting tools out there to help you save time, automate your processes and find better candidates.

Tools for job ads


I can’t recount the number of times Grammarly saved me from turning in an embarrassing article to Hundred5 or writing an important email with a typo. This is one of the most important tools for writing job ads, as it will make sure it’s grammatically correct, free of typos and that all of your idioms are on point. Whether you use it as a dedicated app or a browser extension, Grammarly can save you from the embarrassment and ridicule of a typo-ridden job ad.


The job description is one of the most important parts of finding new talent. Textio is a tool that helps you dive deep into your job descriptions and find out if you’re attracting or dissuading people from applying. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze and grade your job descriptions, giving suggestions to attract more applicants. It’s especially useful if you want to make sure you’re not putting off female applicants, underrepresented candidates and minorities. You can also use it as a browser extension.


Just like its name says, this app is dedicated to making your job ads as gender neutral as possible. You may be unknowingly using terms which are attracting more male or female applicants and this app helps you analyze your job ads with ease. That way, you make to get the best person for the job, no matter their gender. The tool is completely free to use and all you have to do is paste your job ad in a dedicated space on their website.

Candidate sourcing


There are lots of tools for finding emails out there, but none as specialized as Improver. It lets you find candidate information and contact details and plug all of that into your ATS or recruitment CRM. It also has a superb browser extension that loads up your job openings and fires up when you’re on a potential candidate’s LinkedIn profile – and automatically tells you if the candidate is a good fit or not.


Used by many sales professionals, Hunter is the most widely known email scraping tool out there. If all you have is a candidate’s name and workplace, Hunter will get you their email within seconds. If you’re keen on learning more on finding candidate emails, you can read our post here.

Candidate screening


Experienced HR professionals know that the biggest struggle is in getting the best candidates from the initial applicant pool. With hundreds and sometimes thousands of people who apply, a large bulk of them is not a good fit – you need to quickly find out who they are and eliminate them so you can devote your time to the best talent.


Hundred5 is a tool that lets you create pre-employment skills tests that applicants can take as the first part of the hiring process. That way, you immediately know who can do the job. The testing and feedback are automatic so you can save immense amounts of time on screening – up to 22 hours per opening.


Introducing artificial intelligence in the world of candidate screening, Ideal analyzes your applicants so you don’t have to. It pools candidate information from different sources and the algorithm chooses the best of the best. It also comes with a chatbot feature which candidates can use to answer questions and learn more about open roles. Ideal then runs through the resume, chatbot replies and other data, combining it all with your feedback, to give you the best pick from a large pool of applicants.

HR Avatar

Taking screening and pre-employment testing one step further, HR Avatar tests more than just skills. Besides knowledge on a specific role, it tests for cognitive ability, personality, emotional intelligence and more. Instead of text-based questions and answers, it puts candidates in actual situations that occur in the job, e.g. a customer service rep handling an irritated customer.

Employee onboarding


Made for teams that consider onboarding as more than an afterthought, Talmundo helps you welcome new employees and get them up to speed with ease. It comes with a range of great features, such as a roadmap for new hires, so that they can see what lies ahead of them as they join. It helps new hires fill out necessary onboarding paperwork in the cloud, provides them with information about the role and the company, introduces them to co-workers before starting and much more.

talmundo onboarding


Take care of all your onboarding needs with one tool, with templates, workflows, checklists and all of that personalized for your own team and company. Besides the standard onboarding tool features, this tool also has a dedicated Slack bot to help your employees get started, which is especially useful for remote teams.


This aptly titled tool lets you create lessons for new employees which they can then take as part of their onboarding process. You can choose from and create a variety of lessons for different processes, take the lessons and measure your current and new employees’ performance.


Once your employee joins your team, you need an efficient way of communicating with them. Slack is the go-to option, but Chanty is an upcoming team chat app that does the job without the lag and limited message history. Some features include audio and video calls, screen sharing, task management and a range of integrations, even for the free plan.

Project management


Trello is the go-to project management tool for professionals in different industries, including HR. You can use this Kanban-board system to manage your talent pipeline, keep track of applicants, move them through different rounds, handle interviews and much more. It integrates with pretty much every tool out there, so you can easily connect it with your favorite HR toolset.


For people who prefer a bit of a different look (and functionalities) than Trello, Asana is the next logical choice. Although it’s also based on Kanban, it allows other views of your tasks, such as the calendar view. For tracking your hiring processes, it’s more visually appealing than Trello, but slightly more complicated to navigate.


The youngest of the bunch, Infinity was created to stir up the market dominated by Trello, Asana and Jira. This PM tool looks great and has a wealth of useful features for recruiters. Since you probably don’t have an eternity to figure them out yourself, they’ve created useful HR templates, with two currently available – for employee database management and employee onboarding. With a little bit of tweaking, you can get lots out of this project management tool.



These are a couple of recruiting tools that will make it easier for you to find, hire, onboard and retain your best talent. Is there anything that we missed that needs to belong on this list? Do let us know in the comments!

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