Pre-employment Testing: A Helpful Way For Remote Companies To Screen Candidates

If you're looking to improve the way that you recruit employees that work remotely, it's worth considering the benefits of pre-employment testing to help you get better results. Testing remote workers at the outset can save companies time and help them get better recruitment results.

A recent study of workplace habits in the United States found that 43 percent of employees now spend at least some time working remotely. Add to that the growing popularity of freelance websites such as Upwork and People Per Hour, where freelancers bid for contracts that are largely completed in their own space and time, and it’s clear to see a gradual shift away from traditional work forms where everyone gathers under one roof for set periods of time.

"Hiring remote workers is an option that many modern startups consider. It's a good way of reducing overheads if you are a company that has a lot of work to offer but doesn't have the office space to accommodate a large workforce."

There are also many startups and businesses that are looking for specialist skills that might not be readily available locally. Remote hiring gives these companies the chance to branch out and find the most suitable candidates in the wider global market.

But the remote hiring of workers that you won't be overseeing on a daily or weekly basis comes with its own challenges. For a start, you won't be able to offer the same levels of support to a remote worker that you would to a traditional worker. 

The web-based startup Zapier, which employs a team of 121 workers from around the world, stresses that companies going down this route will need to find workers able to cope with the demands of independent working, as well as scoring highly in terms of organizational skills, communication skills, and trustworthiness.

One way of overcoming some of these challenges is to use a pre-employment screening test. This is where candidates have to undertake a specific skills-based test that has been created for the job position.

“The pre-employment test is designed to assess a candidate's suitability for the role based on the necessary skills needed.”

As the pre-employment screening test can be tailored by the company to suit requirements, it can include sections around traits such as trustworthiness or initiative and operate as much as a pre-employment personality test as a skills test. This helps companies feel more certain that they are hiring the right individuals.

Pre-employment assessments are becoming more common as a way of assessing candidate suitability, with good results. According to the American Management Association, nearly 90 percent of companies that use pre-employment testing say they won't hire candidates that score poorly on the test. 

At present, many companies choose to carry out the pre-employment testing during the latter stage of the recruitment process but studies have shown that sufficient savings can be made in both money and time, as well as improving workforce diversity if you make pre-employment testing the first step of the recruitment process.

So if you're a startup that's trying to spare your resources as you try to grow in the early years, using pre-employment testing at the beginning of pre-employment screening could be the way forward. If you are advertising to the global marketplace where there is a chance that you may draw perhaps hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of applications, all of whom are likely to be unknown, administering a simple pre-hire assessment is a fantastic way of whittling down candidates to a core number who you can be confident possess the right attributes. Saves hours spent drowning in resumes and cover letters!

“Sufficient savings can be made in both money and time, as well as improving workforce diversity, if you make pre-employment testing the first step of the recruitment process.”

Companies looking to develop a pre-employment test can build their own unique test with Hundred5. Tests can be tailored to test a candidate's skills, knowledge, attitudes, and even study traits. They can then be shared on various social media channels, websites and job boards to maximize the number of applicants for a role.

The Hundred5 pre-employment test is designed to make the recruitment process as simple and straightforward as possible, for both recruiter and applicant. Global companies such as Toggl are using this test to reach out and advertise job roles to the global workforce. You can try a sample test here, which should take around 10 minutes to complete and will generate rapid feedback.

With pre-employment testing picking up the pace as the positive results keep on coming in, get on board as soon as you can if you have positions to offer. A well-designed pre-hire assessment could be just the thing to help you both advertise your roles globally and manage the selection process once the applications come rolling in.

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