People Don’t Apply for Jobs Anymore by Mile Živković on Jun 25, 2019

Here’s how the traditional process of job applications usually goes.

Step one: There’s an opening at your company.

Step two: Get HR to write up a job ad and post it on a bunch of job boards.

Step three: Hopefully, lots of quality candidates apply.

Step four: You weed through hundreds of resumes, hoping to find the best person for the job.

Step five: You make an offer to the candidate that seems most likely to succeed in the role.

This may be slightly oversimplified, but it’s the basics of pretty much every job application ever. However, this is what you see from the company side only. From the perspective of the person applying, job applications are tedious, time-consuming and simply not fun.

Candidates don’t apply for your job ads any more

You probably know that a lot of currently employed people are passive candidates. In fact, 75% of them would change their job if offered the right opportunity. So, where are these candidates and why aren’t they crazy about your latest job ad? It turns out that luring them out to apply takes a lot more than a nice salary and quirky perks such as foosball tables in the workplace.

The reason is not that they wouldn’t like a new job. It’s simply that getting a new job isn’t a 10-minute process and unless they’re unemployed, candidates really won’t bother applying. The reason – your job application is far too complicated.

The resume is a bottleneck

We get why people still use resumes. They seem convenient – a place to put all of a person’s education, accomplishments and skills in a neat bite-sized format. It’s the bread and butter of job applications for a few decades now and you’ll be hard pressed to see a job ad that doesn’t require a resume nowadays.

However, the instant generation has an issue with resumes – they’re far too much work and candidates don’t know how likely they are to get the job. In an era where you can get food, transportation and many other commodities with one tap on your phone screen, taking hours to apply for a job simply makes no sense.

Simply put, resumes are outdated for the modern era of hiring.

Unfortunately, many companies still use them as a staple for making employment decisions. In many cases, it’s pure peer pressure. Since everyone else is doing it and requiring them with an application, why would you be the first to break the mold? In other cases, the HR may be willing to ditch the resume in favor of something more modern, but the management cannot be convinced.

As a result, we have a situation where companies are unhappy with the number and quality of their applicants but too afraid to make a change.

Bid resumes farewell

Out of all the applicants out there, passive candidates are the least likely to bother with a resume. It takes hours, and if someone has been in the same job for years, it’s likely they don’t even have a resume at all.

They have to compile their previous experience, find a decent photo, remember their work duties, create the resume in an app, make it look great and readable… Once again, if you’re out of a job, it’s not such a big deal, but for someone who already has a job, it makes no sense spending this much time and work on something that may not even get them an interview.

It’s not that there’s a lack of good candidates in the job market. The unemployment rate is at a historical low, but there’s still plenty of passive candidates. The reason why you’re not getting any good applicants is because your job application process is outdated and not suited for today’s candidates.

Introducing The Now

What if applying to a job took candidates 20 minutes instead of several hours? At Hundred5, we set out to change the candidate experience and make it easier than ever to apply for jobs. At the same time, we created a process that helps companies find better candidates, effectively digging into the passive candidate pool.

The way we do this is simple – we put the resume in the background. Instead, candidates take a skills-based test for their position. That way, you can see if they can do the actual job or not and they can see if they’re a good fit for the position, instead of waiting until the interview.

This leaves both sides happy with their end of the deal. As the employer, you know immediately if someone can do a good job or not, without having to rely on data from resumes. No more spending hours comparing and verifying experience, education and references.

As for the candidate – they will do a skills test that takes 20 minutes and immediately get feedback to learn if they’ve done a good job or not. No more spending days writing the perfect CV, looking for references, tinkering in Word to find the ideal resume template. Finally, no more waiting weeks for the employer to get back after the initial application.

Passive candidates love Hundred5. These candidates are (hopefully) great at their jobs, they would like a change but just can’t bother applying or even looking at job boards. Don’t worry about that anymore.

You can now use Hundred5 skills tests and create social media ads. Go and meet candidates where they spend their time, as they browse Facebook and Instagram with their morning coffee. Don’t spend a fortune on job boards, without even knowing what kind of candidates you will get.

The future of hiring belongs to the candidate and those companies brave enough to make a change. By understanding their needs and desires and what motivates them, you can stay ahead of the pack and get the best talent in the job market. Give them a taste of how great it is to work with you, instead of boring them to death with another mundane application.

Are you ready to get the best candidates on the job market, while saving time for yourself and your candidates?

Try out Hundred5 today and see why companies like Toggl, Monese, Sked Social, Mooncascade and many others trust us with finding top quality applicants.

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