How to Post a Job on Facebook and Attract Top Candidates

In the year 2019, there are very few things you can’t do on Facebook. You can shoot a live video for your followers, engage with them in a group,...
Startup Hiring

The Complete Guide to Adverse Impact

In our quest to find the best talent for our companies, there are so many things to bear in mind. The cost of hiring, time to hire, when to...
Employer Branding

The Importance of Candidate Experience and how it Affects your Employer Brand

In the world of services and consumer goods, the customer is always right. In the world of HR – is the applicant always right? As the job market is...
Startup Hiring

How to Optimize your Hiring Process – 6 Steps to Finding Better Candidates more Quickly

Hunting for great talent is tough. In-demand fields, such as IT, have a shortage of people and a large number of openings and it’s understandable that finding great talent...
Startup Hiring

Talent Acquisition – the Ultimate Long-term Hiring Strategy

The world of recruitment is abundant with terms such as HR management, talent management, recruitment, talent sourcing and finally talent acquisition. To an outsider, they probably all mean one...
Startup Hiring

How to Write an Interview Script – Actionable Tips for Recruiters and HR Teams

No matter how technically advance the hiring process gets, there’s one element that never gets left out – the job interview. When you have a handful of your best...

5 Reasons Why Recruitment in 2019 is just like Marketing

On the face of it, recruiting sounds fairly simple: there’s a job opening and you need to fill it with quality candidates. Right? There’s just one problem – today’s...
Employer Branding

16 Greatest Examples of Employer Branding in Action

If you’ve read some of our previous articles on employer branding, you’re probably well aware of how great of a tool it is to attract high-quality employees and retain...
Startup Hiring

How to Write a Job Description Which Attracts High-quality Applicants

For most of the candidates applying to your job opening, your job ad will be the first point of contact they have with your company. Needless to say, you...

41 Free Job Posting Sites to Maximize your Job Ad Reach

Putting together a great job ad is just the beginning of your efforts to attract and hire high-quality candidates. The problem is, even the best job ads won’t attract...
Remote Hiring

Work For Hundred5 From Anywhere

We believe great people will make awesome stuff anywhere. New York, São Paulo, or a quiet village near Florence. No need to move for your dream job. We hire...
Startup Hiring

Toughest Interview Questions to Find out More about your Candidates

Interviews are one of the most important parts of the hiring process and often one of the most stressful for the candidates. They often make the decision on whether...
Employer Branding

How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Employer Brand

We’ve talked quite a lot about employer brand and employee value propositions lately at Hundred5, and for a good reason. If we’ve convinced you to pay more attention to your employer...
Startup Hiring

How to Hire Millennials: The Generation That’s Not so Different

Privileged, cocky, entitled, lazy, impatient – those are some of the many words used by older generations to describe millennials. This generation, born anywhere from the early 1980s to...

Sourcing from Facebook: 44 Best Facebook Groups to Find Remote Talent

There’s numerous ways to source from Facebook, with many companies choosing paid ads. However, you can source talent completely free, using Facebook groups.
Employer Branding

What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

Attracting and retaining employees takes much more than just offering a salary and general benefits. Learn what is an employee value proposition.

46 Sourcing Tools for Expert Recruiters to Find Top Talent

A set of tools can make or break your candidate sourcing process so it's important to choose the right ones that fit your needs as a recruiter.
Startup Hiring

How to Become a Technical Recruiter which Candidates Love

Tech community does not forgive and does not forget which makes the process of becoming a tech recruiter quite difficult. Find out how you can pull it off.

How to Find a Candidate’s Email Address Easily

Finding a candidate's email address can often be a daunting task. That's why we have prepared couple of tips and tricks that will make this process a walk in...

10 Creative Employee Referral Program Ideas to Hire Great Talent

Employee referral programs don't have to follow a traditional pattern to be successful. In fact, if you go beyond it, it might prove even better. Hence, we have prepared...

11 Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent in 2019

If you want to fill more positions, get better quality candidates and decrease your time to hire, here are some of the best recruitment strategies you can use in...

Candidate Sourcing from Slack – 109 Slack Communities for Finding New Hires (+ Free Template)

Slack has become the go-to tool for work communication, boasting over 8 million daily active users, and some of them, might be your potential employees.
Case Studies

Case study: Scoro Fills Two Demanding Tech Roles in Less Than a Month

A fast-growing startup Scoro faced obstacles in attracting quality talent for their more demanding roles. By adding Hundred5 to their recruitment process, they were able to attract the right candidates for...
Startup Hiring

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Screening in the Hiring Process

Social media screening is no longer a taboo and has long become a standard part of the screening process when hiring new employees.

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