How to Post a Job on Facebook and Attract Top Candidates by Mile Živković on Mar 7, 2019

In the year 2019, there are very few things you can’t do on Facebook. You can shoot a live video for your followers, engage with them in a group, invite them to a watch party and much more. In early 2018, Facebook also added the option to post jobs and find great candidates on this network as well. After all, with more than a billion active users, your next hire is most likely spending a lot of time of time here.

So, why would you post a job on Facebook and how can you do it to maximize your number of qualified applicants? Let’s get started.

Why post a job on Facebook in the first place?

With so many job boards and platforms dedicated to finding work, a relevant question pops up – why would you even bother posting a job ad on Facebook? Surely, the same kind of candidates spend time in all those other places?

Well, not quite. Candidates who are actively looking for a job are probably spending a lot of time chasing new openings on LinkedIn. Passive candidates who aren’t looking for a job tend to spend their time on Facebook looking at cat memes and baby photos.

As we’ve written before, passive candidates be a true talent goldmine and targeting them specifically can make searching for your next team member that much easier.

How to post a job on Facebook – step-by-step instructions

Let’s go through the task of setting up a job ad on Facebook. Before doing anything, open up your Facebook page and click on the standard post editor to write a post. The right-most option says Job, click on it to get started.

1. Add a job title

As simple as it sounds. As we’ve mentioned before regarding job titles, be clear instead of clever – no developer rock stars and marketing ninjas, please.

2. Add a location

Choose the location where the employee will be working. Unfortunately, Facebook pulls locations from its list of pages, so choosing “remote” is not an option. This field is mandatory.

3. List a salary

You can list the minimum and maximum salary values for the position. What’s more, you can list salaries per hour, day, week, month or year. This step is optional, but we advise listing a salary range as it will increase the number of candidates, even if it does reveal to the competition what you’re paying.

4. Choose a job type

You can select from full-time, part-time, internship, contract and volunteer positions.

5. Enter the details

There are 5,000 characters of freedom to write about your job as you please. This is where you would put your job ad copy ideally, but bear in mind that people visiting your job ad are not on Facebook to find work but to get away from it, so keep the copy short and sweet to get them hooked.

6. Insert additional questions

If you have something else to ask the candidate, you can use this form to ask a question in three ways

  • yes-no question
  • free-text question
  • multiple-choice question

In most job ads I’ve seen, employers use it to ask important questions such as Are you legally allowed to work in the US? and Please tell us how many hours per week you can commit to us.

You can also use it as a test, a pre-employment assessment tool to weed out unqualified applicants. However, the features are pretty basic. This step is also optional.

7. Add a photo

Make your job ad stand out by adding an interesting (but relevant) photo that will grab your audience’s attention.

Finally, you can enter an email where you will be notified about successful applicants. On the right, you can see a preview of your job ad on desktop and mobile. And that’s it – your job ad on Facebook is pretty much finished.

How to attract more candidates

Once your job ad is done, you can sit around, grab a coffee and wait for great candidates to come swarming to it and apply. In reality, hardly anything will happen unless you put some work into it. Here are some ways you can promote your Facebook job post.

1. Work on the copy

You’re offering a job – make it crystal clear for the candidates. Although humor and puns are always appreciated, you want to make it idiot-proof that you’re out to find a new member for your team. Keep the copy concise and to the point. That also means no generic texts and nothing stolen from other job ads for similar positions. Your job opening is unique, and so should be your job ad.

2. Share the ad in groups

Before jumping onto paid options and shelling out big bucks on promotions, there is a great way to get more eyeballs on your job ads for free. There are hundreds and thousands of groups for professionals on Facebook where people are posting or looking for jobs. You can use this post to get started, but finding great groups shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Groups are great for engagement and the members there are already looking for work – so it’s low hanging fruit you should definitely grab.

3. Boost the job ad

If all else fails (or even if it doesn’t), throw some money at the ad to get more exposure. You can do this by boosting the job ad, in the same way as you would promote any other offer at your page.

Targeting is by far the most important aspect of a boosted job ad, so make sure to spend a good chunk of time thinking about your ideal candidates. If you’re hiring in-office, targeting will be significantly easier (and less expensive). On the other hand, as we know very well, hiring globally and boosting an ad for a global audience is a whole different story. However, it’s possible to get some great candidates this way at only several dollars spent per applicant.

Once you’ve gone through all of these steps, you’ll end up with a job ad that gets to the right candidates and makes them apply.

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