How to Hire Marketing Managers

Based on conversations with marketing professionals, we put together this short guide explaining how to hire marketing managers.

In this guide you'll learn about:

  • What do Marketing Managers do
  • What personality do they tend to have
  • What do they value at work
  • What to look for in a Marketing Manager
  • How to write Marketing Manager job description
  • How to find strong Marketing Manager candidates
  • Which test questions to ask 

What do Marketing Managers do?

In startups, Marketing Specialists get to wear multiple hats. They grow the company by researching, developing and executing marketing opportunities that would make businesses attractive, visible and audible to the right audience.

What personality do they tend to have?

If you ask people what the typical marketer's character is, the answer will always include something like “organized and goal oriented; love analytics, numbers, and measurement”. They have a great personality, are likable and fun to hang out with. Although, commonly a people person, introvert listener types make excellent communicators and strategists alike.

What do they value at work?

With the whole world needing brilliant communicators these days, good marketers know their value and look for:

  • Interesting challenges in their work
  • Good work-life balance
  • Growth opportunities within their company
What do Marketers value in work

What to look for in a Marketing Manager?

Marketers, now more than ever, have to have a wide skillset and speak a number of different languages—understand what developers are building, follow the sales team's perspective, and be familiar with the end client and customer. Strong writing skills are of utmost importance. So when hiring a Marketing Specialist, look for:

  • A curios and fast learner
  • A strong strategist
  • A smart communicator
  • A creative writer
  • A capable organizer

Marketing Manager job description

To attract top-notch Marketing Managers, you will need a strong job description which makes clear what the job entails and what responsibilities are involved. You should include a list of job tasks, experience needed and what skills you are looking for. Remember also to include some general information about your organisation and salary details.

Marketing Manager job tasks

  • Developing and implementing a marketing strategy to improve business performance
  • Establishing marketing goals and targets based on past performance
  • Overseeing marketing campaigns from planning to execution
  • Building strategic relationships and partnerships with key industry players and agencies
  • Managing the marketing budget and making key purchasing and budgeting decisions
  • Managing other marketing staff
  • Measuring and reporting on performance of marketing campaigns against targets

Marketing Manager job skills

Communication skills – good written and verbal communication skills are key in many jobs these days, but with Marketing Managers these are especially crucial. Their key purpose is ensuring that marketing messages are communicated clearly to various groups across multiple channels.

Social media skills – today's Marketing Managers need a good handle on the various influential social media channels out there and will need to know how to utilise these to effect in marketing campaigns.

Creativity – much modern marketing comes down to innovation and coming up with that idea that swims apart from the rest and sticks in people's minds. Marketing Managers need to be able to try new approaches and not always rely on tried and tested methods.

IT skills – Marketing Managers will be expected to have skills that go beyond proficiency in MS Word or Photoshop. Most roles require use of analytical software (e.g. Google Analytics, NetInsight, WebTrends) to measure online campaign success and management software to track the progress of campaigns.

Sales skills – there once was a time when sales and marketing used to be hard to distinguish. These days there is more of a clear divide, but Marketing Managers still need to be savvy when it comes to persuading people. The purpose of marketing campaigns is, after all, to increase sales. Although marketers aren't responsible for 'closing the deal', they need to have good understanding of customer psychology.

Analytical skills – strong data analysis skills are required. Marketing Managers will need to apply tools such as Google Analytics to produce insightful reports on the latest trends. They will need to understand buyer and seller behaviour and be able to tailor marketing strategies and campaigns accordingly.

Leadership skills – a good Marketing manager will know when to take a risk, when to make a change and how to motivate the marketing team to get the best results.

Marketing Manager salary

Salaries for Marketing Managers vary depending on factors such as industry, experience and location. In the US, the salary can be anywhere between $60,000 and $200,000. The average salary is around $125,000. In some European countries, the average Marketing Manager salary is around EUR 40,000 to 50,000.

Recruiting Marketing Managers

How to find strong Marketing Manager candidates?

Our research suggests that more and more employees today wouldn’t pick up the pen and update their CVs to apply for a job. It's just too high a barrier to overcome, especially when you're not even looking for a job. So we asked the marketers how to attract them to apply for a job, and they answered:

  • With a simple way of applying
  • With a quick challenge
  • With a chance to demonstrate skills
  • With an unusual job description
How to get Marketers interested

And rather that regular job sites, source your candidates with the help of:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Career page
  • Word of mouth
Where to get Marketers attention

The best hiring process

When hiring, first test, and then interview! The skills-based recruiting has yielded encouraging results in the technology industry, providing a model for other industries too. Leaving resumes aside, and using quick challenges to screen prospective employees increases diversity, quality and cost-efficiency. Candidates take a short test to evaluate key job-related skills, followed by a test drive for the best performers.

To try the test-first approach and automate the first steps of the recruitment process, use Hundred5. It provides all the tools you need for sourcing, engaging and filtering out skilled candidates.

Recommended test questions

To get started, here are some great test questions from professional Marketers to identify candidates' skills for a position. While these topics mainly focus on strategic competence, there are few challenging applicants’ creativity too.

Q: Project Success

Which of these are valid metrics for measuring project success?

Brand awareness
Q: Creative Writing

Give these stock photos clever titles:

Q: Clickbait Title

Give your best shot at a click-bait title for a blog post about hiring without CVs


What's your main KPI when the goal is growth?

Unique traffic
Sign ups
Net Promoter Score
Q: Link Building

What would you do for link building?

Leave relevant comments with links to industry blog posts
Pitch my own writing for other blogs
Accept and publish guest posts on my blog
Add link to Google's index
Q: Keywords

What's the best way to get more keywords for your site?

More landing pages
More anchor texts
More meta keywords
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