How to Hire Customer Service Managers by Dagmar Urb on Jul 11, 2017

What do Customer Service Managers do?

Patience and comprehension, they help customers use the product to its full capacity.

What personality do they tend to have?

Helping customers requires superb communication skills and quick-wit—it’s a tie between people skills and problem-solving. A Support Manager is the kind of person you’d enjoy hanging out with at a party—bright and fun, able to discuss and joke on any topic. And when the situation gets sour, they manage to stay calm and focused.

What do they value at work?

Besides good coffee, Customer Service Specialists also value:

  • Good work-life balance
  • Great leadership
  • Interesting challenges in their work
  • Growth opportunities and flexibility in their position

What to look for in a Customer Service Manager?

Check for the ability to explain complex issues in a simple manner. And while technical skills can be a strong advantage when recruiting for startups, you should first and foremost look for good work ethic, persistence, and thoroughness. Because everything else can be learned.

How to write a Customer Service Manager job description

Your Customer Service Manager job description is the key to attracting the right caliber of applicant. Be sure to list all of the tasks and responsibilities and include an exhaustive list of skills that the successful candidate needs to possess. Don’t forget to include other important information such as salary range.

Customer Service Manager job tasks

  • Implementing store policies to improve the customer service experience
  • Overseeing the resolution of customer service issues
  • Developing strategies to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Develop company customer service procedures and standards
  • Accurately document customer complaints and actions to resolve complaints
  • Statistical analysis and report writing
  • Ensure that all staff dealing with customers are trained and briefed on customer service standards

Customer Service Manager job skills

Interpersonal skills – Customer Service Managers need good relationship-building skills, a personable manner, an ability to resolve conflicts or difficult situations, and they need to be able to remain calm and patient in sometimes tricky circumstances. They are often the ‘smiling face’ of the company, so having an approach that makes the customer feel valued is a must.

Communication skills – Customer Service Managers will communicate with customers face-to-face, by phone or by email, so will need to demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills. They will also need to prepare reports and presentations for a range of audiences, so need to be able to use appropriate language and write with grammatical accuracy.

Leadership skills – Customer Service Managers often have to lead and motivate a team. If they work in a small team and don’t manage people directly, they will still have to work with other staff, make sure they follow company procedures and lead by example.

Problem-solving skills – dealing with difficult or irate customers is likely to be par for the course, so an ability to think quickly and come up with a suitable solution is a valued skill. Good Customer Service Managers will know the best ways of dealing with familiar complaints as well as being able to apply creative thinking to tackle the odd curveball that comes their way.

Creative thinking skills – with businesses battling against each other to attract consumers, Customer Service Managers who can come up with original ways to improve the customer experience will be considered worth their salary.

Attention to detail – Customer Service Managers will be responsible for logging customer complaints along with remedial actions. Inaccurately recording details of a complaint risks further alienating the customer, and it’s likely they will pick up on this fast, so good attention to detail is required.

IT skills – Customer Service Managers will need good MS Office and PowerPoint skills, and it can also come in handy if they have mastered customer relationship management software such as Yotpo or Insightly.

Customer Service Manager salary

Salaries for Customer Service Managers vary greatly across different industries and by experience levels. In the US, the salary can be anything from around $25,000 to over $100,000. The average salary tends to be around $50,000 to $60,000. In Western Europe, the salary range is between EUR 25,000 to EUR 80,000, with an average of around EUR 40,000.

How to hire Customer Service managers? 

According to our research, traditional hiring practices, such as resumes and cover letters, are the least attractive recruiting methods for tech employees. Because let’s face it, most people you’d like to hire are already occupied. And they wouldn’t just pick up the pen to update their CVs. 

So instead, engage Support Managers with:

  • A simple way to apply for a job
  • A unique hiring method
  • Test their skills right away

And according to customer support people’s own insight, they would most probably notice a prospective employer through:

  • Job listings
  • LinkedIn
  • Friends

The best recruiting process for Customer Service Managers

For years, we’ve been using quick challenges to screen prospective employees, and it has dramatically increased diversity, quality, and cost-efficiency. Candidates take a short test to evaluate key job skills, followed by a test drive for the best performers.

This has proven to be a good hiring approach to find qualified Customer Support Managers. Just build a skills test with Hundred5—the free startup recruiting tool—and thereupon share it on social media to attract applicants. You’ll get a zillion fill-outs while wasting zero time on unqualified candidates.

Recommended test questions

To get started, here are some questions that professional Customer Service Managers would ask a prospective colleague. And it’s worth mentioning that product-specific subjects are most favored since they indicate the ability to find and process information from your Help Page.

Question 1 – How would you respond to this tweet?

Hey, @company, it’d be more sensible to schedule maintenances on Saturdays US time as Sundays are already Mondays here in Australia.

Question 2 – Please reply to this email as if you were really working in our team.

I created my account 2 years ago, but have never used it. What’s this service for? I’m not sure I need it, how can I close my account?

Question 3 – A read-only user in our app can (you’re welcome to use our support page for some help):

  • Add tags
  • View the Project Dashboard
  • Invite team members

Question 4 – With a Pro upgrade, users can (you’re welcome to use our support page for some help):

  • Have unlimited projects
  • Export Reports into Excel
  • Upload company logo

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