16 Greatest Examples of Employer Branding in Action by Mile Živković on Jan 30, 2019

If you’ve read some of our previous articles on employer branding, you’re probably well aware of how great of a tool it is to attract high-quality employees and retain your existing ones. As we’ve mentioned, building an employer brand is not exactly something that can be done overnight, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared some employer branding examples, so you can get some ideas on how companies from different industries build their employer brands and what they do to attract great talent.

Employer branding on social media

What better way to show off your company than your own social media channels? It’s not hard to find great examples of companies doing just this, and Ahrefs is one of the best. This digital marketing tool has great social media presence, and they’re not afraid of making jokes at their own expense, as you can see from the screenshot below (Tim is the CMO at Ahrefs).

For another example of employer branding on social media, take a look at this video from McKinsey, uploaded on their YouTube channel:

In the video, McKinsey employees guide us through their workday, sharing their challenges and everyday situations.

Our sister company also makes for a great case of employer branding. If you’re on Instagram, make sure to follow their account @togglteam, which is separate from the main company account. Using this handle, the team shares their vision of company culture and what Toggl does on their amazing trips twice per year.

Another great example is Zappos. If you thought that selling shoes is boring, you’d be very wrong, as Zappos is making a case for one of the most desirable employers in the USA for years now. On their Instagram account, you can get a glimpse into what it’s like to work at the renowned company.

You don’t need to use Instagram only to show off your company brand and culture – Twitter is a great platform too, and General Mills is making great use out of it. On their account, you can catch up with their staff and what they do during their work time, as well as some of the many events they attend as a team.

Making the most of your hiring process

Hiring is tough, no matter how many times you’ve done it and how competent your HR team is. Besides getting some great applicants, hiring can be an awesome chance to show off more of your company and the values it stands for.

For example, you can donate to a certain cause for every candidate that makes it to a certain point in your hiring process. A case in point, Teamweek plants a tree for every successful candidate that passes their test. In fact, Teamweek’s hiring campaign has been such a wild success that one of the applicants made this blog post praising the hiring process.

We have to mention Zappos once again for their great use of the hiring process to become even more desirable as an employer. As you can imagine, they get lots of applications – some 30,000 per year, with only 300 or so successful hires. Obviously, this leaves a lot of applicants unhappy.

This is why Zappos created the Insider Program and completely stopped using traditional applications. Anyone can join the program if they want to work at Zappos at some time, so that the company and its recruiters can build more meaningful connections with future employees.

Accenture is another company which took hiring to another level. When you go to their careers page, you will see something quite unusual – a step-by-step explanation of their entire hiring process, from the initial contact, to the point where the applicant is hired. With this kind of transparency, candidates always know where they are in the hiring pipeline.

Using storytelling

Everybody loves a good story. If it can be used for marketing purposes, it can definitely be used for building your employer brand as well. Take a look at this example from UPS:

By telling a story of Carson, a small boy who loves seeing the UPS driver dropping off shipments, they show what it’s like to work at this delivery giant. The campaign went viral, netting over 4 million views since its launch in 2014.

If you’re up for another story, take a look at this video from the founders of the footwear company Greats:

In a simple, no-frills clip, they talk about how Greats came to be and what they aim to do in the footwear market. By showing off their story, they can attract applicants looking to join a brand that wants to make a difference in this market.

You would probably expect Netflix to be great at storytelling – and you would be right. Their Jobs page contains a large variety of videos from their own employees. Here you can see what the company culture is like, how the team works together, what challenges they have, what they do for fun at Netflix and much more. It’s a window for outsiders to take a peek into the inner workings of Netflix – and it’s a great magnet for attracting new hires.

Building great careers pages

You don’t have to do what Netflix did and create a bunch of videos for your careers page. However, having a great careers page will definitely make a difference for the candidate experience, as well as making you stand out from the competition.

IBM is a tech veteran whose Careers page is actually three different pages. Besides the standard listing/search with open positions, there are two additional pages: Meet IBM and Meet IBMers. On the first one, you get to see what exciting projects IBM is currently working on, complete with videos and articles. On Meet IBMers, you can learn a bit more about people working at IBM, with photos and stories of how they ended up working for the company.

When you land on Shopify’s careers page, you don’t simply get a list of positions you can apply to. Instead, Shopify gives you an overview of their history, biggest achievements and what working at Shopify means for their employees.

If you want to be absolutely sure about what kind of employees a company wants, Everlane is a company for you. At the very beginning of their careers page, they let you know they’re looking for “rule-breakers, questioners, straight-A students who skipped class“.

We often praise Zapier on the Hundred5 blog, and for a good reason – they’re fully remote and they have one of the best careers pages in the SaaS world. In fact, their careers page has a total of five guides on applying and working at Zapier. Before you even apply, you can find out everything about how Zapier functions, which is especially important for a team distributed around the globe.

Sharing employees’ values

What better way of letting your employees know you stand behind them than supporting their values and causes? You can

Automattic is the team behind WordPress, the largest open-source CMS platform in the world. Besides being fully distributed across the world, there’s another great thing about Automattic – they believe in open source. This means that most of their work is available under GPL, and they currently have over 500 repositories on GitHub.

Salesforce is a company you’ve probably heard of because of what they’ve accomplished in the world of sales. However, there’s another thing they should be known for – their volunteering program. Employees are encouraged to volunteer and they even get 7 paid days off every year for volunteering. Through their official channels, they connect Salesforce professionals with nonprofits and companies who need charity work.


Although building a great employer brand is a long-lasting, complicated process, the benefits it brings definitely make up for the time and money spent. These are some of the many ways companies from different industries work on their employer brand. You can learn from them or come up with something completely new to captivate new applicants and retain your existing hires.

Do you know any other great employer branding examples? Do let us know in the comments!

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