17 Time-Saving Chrome Extension for Recruiters by Mile Živković on Jul 18, 2019

As a recruiter, you never really get to relax – you always have to stay in the loop and be informed about the latest technologies and trends in hiring. Every day brings a new tool or process you can use in finding top talent so it’s imperative to never stop learning.

One of the ways you can make your job easier is to equip your browser with different extensions. By this we mean Google Chrome, as it has a wide range of extensions recruiters can use in their quest to find the ideal candidate. Here are some of them and what they can do for you.

The best Google Chrome extensions for recruiters

Hunter.io – You’ve probably used this tool for finding candidate emails before, but the extension makes it even easier. With a click of a button in Chrome, you can find all emails associated with the website you’re on. Emails are either verified or given a confidence score, so you never have to guess where to send your next email.

Sideways Dictionary – If you’re recruiting in a technical field where you don’t know too many terms, this is the tool for you. Sideways Dictionary identifies all potential technical terms on a webpage, allowing you to hover over them and get an explanation. Instead of definitions, it provides analogies to make it easier for recruiters to grasp technical terms.

Calendly – There’s a reason why Calendly has become the industry standard for booking meetings – it’s dead simple to use and sending out invites is a breeze. Use it to send interview invites to candidates straight from your browser.

Clickup – Instead of opening your project management app every time you want to add a new task, you can do it all within Chrome, using Clickup. This tool lets you create tasks and attach emails to them, take screenshots (and edit them), track your time and much more. The free version allows up to 100MB of storage, which you will run out of fairly quickly.

Buffer – If social media is taking up the time you would rather spend finding new candidates, you need a more efficient way of handling it. Use Buffer to easily share and schedule posts directly from the tab you’re in, instead of forcing yourself to multitask every time.

Contactout – Over 600 million verified emails and 97% accuracy are the guarantees Contactout is making in finding emails. This Chrome extension finds candidates’ emails, phone numbers and social media profiles, straight from your browser.

Mighty Sourcer – If you already use Mighty Recruiter for your talent management, this extension will be right up your alley. Similar to Hunter and Contactout, it finds your candidates’ contact information, which you can immediately add to your Mighty Recruiter account.

Hello Talent – Great candidates are all around the place, and not just on LinkedIn. By using Hello Talent, you can add candidates from any web page to a talent pool in the Hello Talent app. Needless to say, you really need the app to make full use of this extension.

Gorgias – If you’re spending tons of time sending out emails to candidates, you’re not alone. Gorgias helps you write better emails, faster – using templates, keyboard shortcuts and variables. If you want to reach out to a large number of candidates quickly but without spamming the same message to everyone, this extension is of great help.

OneTab – Browsing for candidates can get pretty hectic and it takes a toll on Chrome’s performance you’re your productivity. OneTab collapses all of your active tabs into a list, which you can later restore when you need them. According to the creators, this saves up to 95% memory for the Chrome app. In any case, it makes it look cleaner – two thumbs up for this feature alone.

LinkedIn Search Tool – This extension does exactly what it promises. Install it and it will allow you to highlight any name or term in your open tab and immediately search it on LinkedIn.

Grammarly – If you don’t want to get ridiculed on social media and put off candidates from applying, you need to make your job ads sharp. Grammarly makes sure your writing is on point and catches any contextual mistakes you make in your writing. As a writer, I can’t recommend it enough. The pro version is absolutely worth $139.95 annually.

Data Scraper – Manually writing down data you find on a website is old school. This tool scrapes websites for you and exports all of the data in one neat Excel file.

Nimble – This nifty contact tool is similar to Hunter and other email scrapers, with one key difference. It allows you to build entire profiles in the Nimble app, combining data it scrapes with your own (from Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.)

Dux Soup – By far the most famous LinkedIn extension for Chrome, Dux Soup lets you automate a large number of tasks. These include visiting LinkedIn profiles, endorsing them for skills and sending automated messages.

CV Timeline – Some things are just too good to be true… Like this extension. CV Timeline automatically extracts a candidate’s profile data from LinkedIn or Glassdoor and creates a timeline of their CV. You can visit up to 1,000 profiles with the free version.

Crystal – Not all candidates are the same and you cannot address them in the same way. Crystal helps you define a personality by analyzing their profile and publicly available data and written content. It’s a great first step towards personalizing your outreach instead of sending the same messages to all candidates.

Do you know any other Chrome extensions which you use for recruiting as well? Do let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to add them to this list!

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