Case Studies

Case Study: How Teamweek Mastered Remote Hiring with Hundred5

Teamweek, a team calendar for creative agencies, is a fully remote company with employees spread out in different time zones. They have been using test-based hiring from the beginning,...
Case Studies

Case study: Scoro Fills Two Demanding Tech Roles in Less Than a Month

A fast-growing startup Scoro faced obstacles in attracting quality talent for their more demanding roles. By adding Hundred5 to their recruitment process, they were able to attract the right candidates for...
Case Studies

Case Study: Refresh Conference partners found 165 qualified candidates in a one-day event.

This is a story about how the Refresh Conference and Hundred5 helped event sponsors build an innovative way to get attendees excited about applying for their open positions. As...
Case Studies

Case Study: Monese speeds up hiring by starting the process with Hundred5’s skills assessments

Mobile banking service Monese is growing fast – within the next 5 months, they plan to hire up to 100 new employees. To overcome this exciting recruitment challenge, they...
Case Studies

Case Study: Riotly Social attracts 10x more candidates with Hundred5

Instagram social media agency Riotly Social used to have only around 20-30 candidates to choose from. With Hundred5, they managed to get over 200 candidates in 3 weeks and...
Case Studies

Case Study: Mooncascade makes candidate selection faster and objective with Hundred5

A software and product development company Mooncascade wanted to make their first candidate selection step more efficient. By replacing the CV with Hundred5 skills tests, they managed to quickly and objectively...
Case Studies

Case Study: Listonic keeps bias out of hiring with Hundred5

Listonic, a popular shopping list app, needed a better and faster way to get an objective view of candidates’ competence and job fit. With Hundred5, they were able to...
Case Studies

Case study: Sked Social screens candidates 80% faster with Hundred5

Sked Social's job openings get hundreds of applications, making candidate screening extremely time-consuming and difficult. With Hundred5 skills tests, they managed to cut the screening time by 80% and...

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