Case study: Sked Social screens candidates 80% faster with Hundred5 by Melissa Sepp on May 21, 2018

Sked Social, a leading Instagram scheduler, hires employees from all around the globe. Their job openings get hundreds of applications, making candidate screening extremely time-consuming and difficult. With Hundred5 skills tests, they managed to cut the screening time by 80% and the overall hiring time by 50%. Here’s how they did it. 

About Sked Social

“In just a day, we had over 75 candidates, and 3 of those were already marked as ‘potential hires’. It’s a great feeling knowing I didn’t have to go through 70+ resumes to find the perfect candidate.”

– Dunja Lazic, VP of Marketing

The challenge – Screening high volume of applicants

Sked Social, formerly knows as Schedugram, is a remote company with an HQ in Melbourne and employees all over the world. 

Before Hundred5, Sked Social used a traditional hiring method with resumes and cover letters. Since they hire people around the globe and let them work from their homes, their job openings attract hundreds of candidates. This makes the initial resume screening and candidate shortlisting in a regular applicant tracking system extremely time-consuming and difficult.

By looking only at resumes and Linkedin profiles, there was no good way to tell which candidates were actually a good fit for the role. Doing background checks and going through hundreds of resumes usually took them weeks. 
The main recruiting pain points for Sked Social were: 

  • Dealing with high-volume applicants took too much time and effort
  • Candidates who applied were not a good fit
  • The resume-based screening was often too time-consuming or misleading
  • Spent too much time interviewing the candidates
  • The whole recruiting process took a lot of time

The last time we were hiring, we had to go through ~200 resumes in an ATS, then chose ~15 candidates to do a screening interview which took 2 weeks. 

When we finally settled on the second round of candidates, we were already so burned out by the process so we just gave up. It took over 6 weeks to get to that point.

– Dunja Lazic

The solution – Using Hundred5 to speed up the screening process

After another slow and effortful resume-based hiring, the marketing team at Sked Social decided to give test-based hiring a shot. They used Hundred5 for hiring a Content Marketing Strategist. 

Sked Social doesn’t have a dedicated recruiter or an HR Manager on their team, so they needed a screening tool that could be quickly set up and used by the hiring managers. They turned to Hundred5 because it seemed to be the best solution out there.

Dunja Lazic, Sked Social VP of Marketing, started the hiring process by writing down everything the new hire will be working on. She then focused on the 3-4 most important things and came up with skills-based questions relating to that. 

She also used questions from Hundred5’s skills tests library, which made the test building part a lot easier and faster.

The first thing I noticed is how little time it all took. I finished setting up the test in just 30 minutes.

– Dunja Lazic

After the skills test was set up, the team started actively sharing the job opening on their social media channels and remote jobs specifically designed for remote positions. They also used Hundred5’s help to set up Facebook ads to reach a wider audience of targeted candidates. 

The results – 80% faster candidate screening

After the first day of starting the hiring campaign, Sked Social had already collected over 75 candidates. 3 of those were marked as ‘potential hires’. Altogether, Sked Social’s job opening received 800 candidates, out of which 12 scored 100%.

Screening 800 applicants and narrowing it down to the 10 best ones would normally take Sked Social a few weeks. With Hundred5, it took them about an hour. 

The team used the automatic hiring pipeline to quickly find the list of the best candidates to focus on. They collaborated on the hiring through notes and the candidate rating system inside the Hundred5 app.

Sked Social also saw an increase in the quality and the diversity of candidates.

“I didn’t expect so many senior marketers to apply and I’m very glad they did. Hundred5 also supported our diversity hiring efforts immensely. There is absolutely no space for bias when only results matter.”

– Dunja Lazic

All in all, it took exactly 3 weeks from the day they published the job posting til the day they sent out the final job offer. Without Hundred5 skills-based hiring method, the same process would have taken at least 1,5 months. 

This means Hundred5 helped Sked Social cut down their time-to-hire by around 50%.

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Schedugram is one of the world's top platforms to help customers manage their Instagram accounts. They help brands from small businesses to enterprises to manage their organic content.



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