Case study: Scoro Fills Two Demanding Tech Roles in Less Than a Month by Sara Mirkovic on Nov 14, 2018

A fast-growing startup Scoro faced obstacles in attracting quality talent for their more demanding roles. By adding Hundred5 to their recruitment process, they were able to attract the right candidates for the positions of QA Automation Engineer and Front-End Developer – and fill the roles in less than a month. 


The Challenge:

Finding the right talent for demanding roles

  • QA Automation Engineer role was not filled for 7 months
  • Scoro had a hard time finding and attracting passive high-quality candidates
  • Focusing on interviews made the process too long and inefficient

“We had been looking for a QA Automation Engineer for a long time. So we decided to try Hundred5, believing it would be a good opportunity to attract the right candidates.” 

– Mai Kand, Recruiter @ Scoro

Scoro only hires the top-notch talent. That’s why their comprehensive recruitment process is focused on thoroughly interviewing candidates and finding the best possible fit. While this approach was successful when hiring for the majority of their open positions, the most demanding technical roles were usually not filled for longer periods of time.

This problem was most obvious when looking for a suitable QA Automation Engineer, a position that stayed empty for 7 months. The recruitment team kept hitting a wall – the right skillset was simply impossible to find in Estonia, while the candidates who were applying weren’t qualified enough.

“We weren’t able to attract passive quality candidates. The best people are usually not actively looking for jobs, so they’re not checking the job boards or career pages. ”

– Mai Kand, Recruiter @ Scoro

The second issue was the inefficient screening of candidates. Resume screening was often long, tiring, and most importantly, misleading. In order to properly review candidates, the focus was placed on interviews.

“We don’t like making assumptions based on resumes. It gives us a glimpse of the candidate’s background, but it never tells the entire story.” continues Mai, “So we invited a lot of people to interviews, which took too much time.” Scoro’s recruitment process contains several rounds of phone and personal interviews, all there to ensure the best possible candidate fit.

Scoro needed a solution for efficient pre-screening in order to interview only the top candidates, while also successfully attracting the best passive talent out there.

Enter Hundred5.

The Solution:

Attract the attention of passive high-level candidates with Hundred5 

  • Scoro made their application process more interesting for passive candidates
  • The recruiting team used Hundred5 customizable tests to set up a challenge
  • Taking a quiz instead of sending in a résumé resulted in the higher numbers of applicants

Over 75% of employed people are passively looking for a new job. And while they may be better candidates than those who are on the market, the prospect of wasting time reading through job ads and rewriting their resumes is what’s keeping them from actively applying.

That’s where Hundred5 comes in – it allows companies to create a fun skills test and then promote it on social media, where potential candidates are most likely to see it and take the test for the fun of it. Once the quality candidates do well, the company has a strong list of pre-screened candidates whose interest in the position is high due to the fun experience. The only thing left is to find the perfect fit for the job.

After looking for a QA Automation Engineer for 7 months, Scoro decided to give Hundred5 a try. Challenging people’s skills in places where they spend a lot of their time seemed like a perfect way to drive high-level passive candidates into the talent pipeline.

“We are very innovative and always eager to try new solutions. That is the reason why we decided to test Hundred5.”

– Mai Kand, Recruiter @ Scoro

The recruitment team knew exactly what skill set they needed, so they decided to create the entire test from scratch. Using Hundred5 Test Generator for inspiration, the hiring manager focused on creating questions and tasks that would screen for the exact skills he knew this position requires. The test went through several iterations, was thoroughly vetted by the entire team, and finally ready to appear in front of candidates.

Sourcing was next – Scoro promoted the open positions on their Careers page and their social channels, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They also added the Hundred5 test to sourcing on the MeetFrank platform as a way to efficiently pre-screen candidates they got in touch with.

Candidates were attracted by a fun way to test their skills, and even more interested in the position since they didn’t have to send in the resume, which resulted in a higher number of applicants.

Specifically, 90 applicants in 3 weeks for only one position!

The Results: 

Perfect QA Automation Engineer found in less than a month!

  • Scoro found the perfect fit for the position of QA Automation Engineer
  • 90 applicants in 3 weeks for one position
  • Scoro filled two technical roles within one month

The biggest success for the Scoro recruiting team was finding the right person for the position of QA Automation Engineer. After 7 months of searching, they finally found a good match –  Raido applied for the position by taking the Hundred5 test on Facebook!

Raido wasn’t even looking for a job when he applied to do Scoro’s Hundred5 test. The quiz for QA Automation Engineer popped up while he was browsing social media, so he used the opportunity to test his QA skills.

The unique application process left a good impression – instead of sending in the resume and waiting forever for a response, Raido tested his skills with a fun test and got contacted by Scoro right away. The recruitment team was able to immediately start interviewing with a focus a promising candidate deserves. This helped position Scoro as an innovative company that does things differently, and together with an ego boost from doing the test well, Raido’s interest in the company peaked.

“My Hundred5 experience was definitely a LOT less stressful than regular job hunting. I went from thinking “I might, maybe, someday start looking for a new job.” to “I think I’m going to Scoro if I get the chance” in a matter of one week.”

Raido Oras, QA Automation Engineer @ Scoro

With the new approach, Scoro immediately saw improved results – they attracted more candidates than they would usually get, especially for technical roles like QA Automation Engineer and Front-End Developer, positions that are usually very hard to fill.

“Attracting candidates with Hundred5 for technical roles really works better than posting the ad on job boards.“

– Mai Kand, Recruiter @ Scoro

“Within three weeks we got 90 applications for one position, which is a very good result,” says Mai. “But the greatest success was actually filling two demanding roles – QA Automation Engineer and Front-End Developer – in less than a month!”

This solution helped Scoro improve their hiring process as well. “Being able to screen applicants based on their actual skills and knowledge allowed us to move forward quickly with the best people,” says Mai.

A list of pre-screened quality candidates helped the recruiting team to focus on the right ones with more time and attention, and conduct targeted interviews with a goal of finding the best match, instead of screening all the candidates at the interview stage.

“In our experience, the best way to use Hundred5 is when hiring for technical positions. We will definitely use this approach again!”

– Mai Kand, Recruiter @ Scoro
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CompanyScoro is the most comprehensive business management solution, which helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks.


Company size65 employees

Positions hired with Hundred5QA Automation Engineer, Front-End Developer

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