Case Study: Monese speeds up hiring by starting the process with Hundred5’s skills assessments

Mobile banking service Monese is growing fast - within the next 5 months, they plan to hire up to 100 new employees. To overcome this exciting recruitment challenge, they need to expand their potential candidate reach and speed up the candidate screening time. Here’s how Hundred5 is helping them achieve that.


Company: Monese is a UK company that offers current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks.
Type: B2C
Company size: 150
Positions hired with Hundred5: iOS Developer, Customer Support, Java Developer, Android Developer,  Web developer

Hundred5 lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip the additional assessment tests in the later stages.

- Triinu Pitk, HR Manager @ Monese

The Challenge: Finding great candidates fast

Monese has exciting times ahead. To keep up with the company’s fast growth, they need to add approximately 100 new employees to their offices in Tallinn and London within the next 5 months. While such growth rate is every business owner’s dream, hiring 15-20 employees per month is extremely challenging and time-consuming for the hiring managers and the recruiters.

Monese current hiring process consists of 5 steps:

  1. The recruiter screens resumes and picks out the strongest candidates
  2. The recruiter conducts the initial interviews
  3. The team leader conducts the second interviews
  4. Candidates are given a short take-home test
  5. The team lead makes the final interviews with a few best candidates

While this is a proven hiring process that Monese has been using for years, it has become too slow to keep up with their current employee growth speed.

We need to hire a lot of great people, fast. Traditional hiring methods can’t keep up with the speed.

- Triinu Pitk

The Solution: Attracting candidates and screening them with Hundred5

3 months ago, Monese turned to Hundred5 to further expand their potential candidate reach and speed up their screening process. They started with technical roles like iOS, Java, Android, and Web developer.

“We’re in a situation where all new recruiting ideas are welcome. Hundred5 seemed like a good option to find great candidates faster,” says Triinu, HR manager at Monese.

“Setting up the skills tests and the hiring campaigns on Hundred5 was very simple and fast. All we had to do was to give a few details about the positions that we need to hire, and shortly afterward we already had a good skills test template to edit according to our specific needs,” says Triinu. “Once you have an idea of what skills questions to ask from candidates, the process becomes very easy,” she adds.

All we had to do was to give a few details about the positions that we need to hire, and shortly afterward we already had a good skills test template to edit according to our specific needs.

- Triinu Pitk

Once the skills tests were ready, Monese team promoted the job opening on Linkedin and Facebook, and on local job boards. Within a few weeks, they received over 200 candidates for the Java developer position and 150 candidates for the Android developer role.

“We got a significantly higher number of candidates than what we would normally get, especially for technical roles like Android and Java developer which are one of the hardest positions to find candidates for. Attracting candidates with Hundred5 skills tests really works better than posting the ad on job boards,” says Triinu.

From there, they only focused on candidates who had successfully passed the Hundred5 screening test.

The Results: More candidates and a faster hiring process

Replacing the traditional hiring method with short skills tests has helped the Monese team to attract a higher number of candidates and pick out the best ones faster. Instead of the traditional 5-step hiring process, they’re now using a simpler and faster 3-step method for most roles:

Step 1: Candidate applies for a job by taking a quick skills test with Hundred5
Step 2: The recruiter interviews only the candidates who passed the Hundred5 test
Step 3: The team leader makes a final interview with a few best candidates.

For senior positions, candidates also have to make a short trial project and an interview with the member of the management before the final interview.

“Our hiring process involves less manual work. Hundred5 gives a pretty good first idea of the candidate’s skill level and knowledge so we can skip the take-home trial projects. This saves our hiring managers days of work,” says Triinu. She adds: “It also helps recruiters. Before, they would manually screen resumes and make initial interviews with the selected candidates. Now, Hundred5 does some parts of this job for them.”

Hundred5 helps us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip additional candidate assessment tests. This saves our recruiters and hiring managers a lot of time.

- Triinu Pitk

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