What Is Performance-Based Hiring & Why You Should Use It (Complete Guide)

Performance-based hiring is an effective way to hire the best talent out there. Created by Lou Adler, it entails hiring for what a candidate can actually do, and not what they say on their resume. Find out how to use it for yourself! Continue ›

Plans for Development in 2018

We've put together Hundred5's immediate roadmap, and you're invited to join the ride. Continue ›

How to Make a Job Ad That Attracts Candidates (with Examples)

In today's competitive market, sourcing the best talent is more difficult than ever. There's many reasons for this, but if you're looking to attack the problem at its core, pay attention to the beginning of the hiring process - the job ad. Continue ›

Why You Should Screen Candidates' Skills Before Interviewing

Believe it or not, job interviews alone aren’t empowering you to make smart hiring decisions. Here’s what you need to change. Continue ›

How To Hire Administrative Assistants

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Why Resume Screenings Are Outdated (and What You Should Use Instead)?

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How To Hire Office Managers

Use this guide to hire top-notch office managers! Learn what Office Managers do, what skills and characteristics they should have, and most importantly, how to test those skills and draw out the best candidates with the right questions. Continue ›

Struggling to Find Strong Job Applicants? Here are 4 Reasons Why

Struggling to find strong job applicants for your open role? Here are four roadblocks to finding great talent—and how to overcome them. Continue ›

How To Hire Accountants

This article will look at what accountants do, what skills to look for in accountants, what questions to ask and how to make sure you end up with the cream of the crop. Continue ›

Hundred5 Features and Updates

Hundred5 just keeps getting better. Here are the very latest features and updates. Continue ›

How To Hire Sales Representatives

This guide will explain everything you need to know about building the dream sales team: what salespeople do, what skills they should have, what questions to ask and how to filter out the best candidates. Continue ›

Live Blog: How We're Recruiting an SEO Manager Without a Single CV

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Which Recruitment Metrics You Should Track And Why

This guide will explain which recruitment KPIs and metrics it is essential to track and why in order to optimize your hiring processes. Continue ›

Work For Hundred5 From Anywhere

We hire globally. You can work locally. Continue ›

How To Screen Candidates Fast And Objectively Using Real-World Job Tasks

This article will explain why you should replace resumes with short job simulations and how to build a strong simulation test. Continue ›

100 Soft Skills Assessment Questions for Hiring Top Talent

This guide explains what soft skills are, why they matter, how to understand if the candidate has the soft skills needed for the job, and ultimately, what are the top 100 top soft skills assessment questions that will help you identify and hire top talent.  Continue ›

Why Candidate Experience Matters and How to Improve it (Complete Guide)

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11 Creative Ways To Source More Candidates

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Remote Employees

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The Ultimate List of Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tools (March 2018)

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Top 10 Diversity Recruiting Tools for 2018

Here's a list of the best diversity recruiting software for 2018! The list includes diversity recruiting tools from a variety of different techniques like diversity sourcing, skills-based recruiting, blind resume software, and more!  Continue ›

Diversity Hiring: How to Decrease the Likability Factor in Recruiting

The key to a talented and diverse team is to recruit based on skills not looks. Continue ›

How to Make Sure Your Remote Hire is Not Lying About Work Experience

Hiring in the online age has made it very easy to apply for a job. You just push a button and you’re on your way. Continue ›

Pre-employment Testing: A Helpful Way For Remote Companies To Screen Candidates

Testing remote workers at the outset can save companies time and help them get better recruitment results. Continue ›

How to Increase Diversity Through Improved Recruitment and Hiring Practices

Diversity recruiting improves the range of knowledge within the business, broadens the collective experience and increases the likelihood of new perspectives and untried ideas. Here we explain the 2 top practices for hiring more diverse employees. Continue ›

Win an Apple Watch

We're not fans of resumés. Instead, we believe in skill-based hiring as it saves our time and money, and helps us make stronger hires. Continue ›

Why Hiring Based on Resume Doesn’t Work for Remote Companies

Switching the focus to skill-based recruitment rather than resumes saves time, money and increases the likelihood of finding a good match. Continue ›

How to Make Sure Your New Hire Fits Into Your Remote Team Culture

Hiring the right person to your team has always been difficult, time-consuming, and also expensive. Continue ›

The ABC of How Hundred5 Works

Hundred5 helps to screen candidates’ skills as the first recruitment step. It sorts out the least-suitable applicants, and gives you a shortlist of the most capable ones. Continue ›

Introducing Hundred5's Pricing Model

From September 4th onward, all Hundred5 accounts will be switched to our paid plans according to the number of active job openings. Continue ›

A Guide to Diverse, High-Quality, and Cost-Efficient Recruitment

Companies can reduce costs and make better hires by using short, web-based tests as the first screening step. Continue ›

Why the Ivy League Poster Boy May Not Be Your Ideal Candidate

Hiring based on educational background seems like a no-nonsense way to filter out the candidates that aren’t qualified for the job. Continue ›

How to Hire Backend Developers

From interviews with Backend Developers, we learned that a simple and outstanding application process is the way to attract their attention in the job market. Continue ›

How to Hire Marketing Managers

Marketing professionals are result-driven, expect growth opportunities within their company, and will most likely get interested in a job via LinkedIn. Continue ›

How to Hire Project Managers

We learned from our study that Project Managers are versatile leaders, who appreciate a good salary and would most likely react to a simple way to applying for a job. Continue ›

How to Hire SEO Managers

This is a recruitment guide based on conversations with SEO professionals. We learned that they love flexibility and most likely you'd get them interested via friends. Continue ›

How to Hire Customer Service Managers

By talking to professional Customer Support Managers we discovered that they are motivated by a good work–life balance, and appreciate a simple way to apply for a position. Continue ›

How We Designed Our In-House Hiring Tool in a Week

Three years ago, during a desperate time in recruiting, we promised to never read a single CV again. So we built Hundred5. Continue ›

We Have a Fresh Web Page

Today, after a long wait, we can also announce Hundred5’s brand new web page. Continue ›

The Hiring Process We’ve Used to Triple Our Team

Hiring is a key element when growing a company. But finding and attracting the best talent is not easy. Continue ›

How We Killed CV as a Hiring Tool and Why We Created Hundred5

Hundred5 is an internal hiring tool created by the people behind Teamweek and Toggl. We built it to overcome modern recruitment challenges. Continue ›

Join Our Study: How To Hire Today’s Youth?

We’re building a tool to make recruiting less of a nightmare for everyone involved. To succeed, we need your insight. Continue ›

Meet Hundred5 – A New Smart Hiring Tool

We’re building a tool to help companies rethink the way they look at hiring. Continue ›