Hundred5 - the future of hiring

Hundred5 is a modern skills-based hiring tool that makes candidate selection easier and faster. We replace the resume with a short assessment test that tells you more about the applicant than a resume ever would.

Our story

If you’ve ever hired anyone, this might sound familiar - you spend hours browsing job boards, headhunting, sifting through resumes, trying to select the best candidates to interview. It’s exhausting, slow and expensive. And after all this time and effort, you still end up interviewing candidates who aren’t a good fit.

After years of struggling with the traditional hiring techniques, we had enough. We wanted a simple way to reach a large number of people, quickly test their skills and job fit, pick out the best ones, and put all our focus on these few pre-qualified candidates.

There were many tools on the market promising to source more candidates or easily screen their skills, but nothing that would actually solve the core problem - modernizing the outdated resume-based hiring process. So, we decided to build it ourselves.

Fast-forward a few years, in 2017 Hundred5 was born.

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Hundred5 OÜ, Tartu mnt 25, Tallinn 10117, Estonia