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Candidate sourcing

How to get more candidates.

Top talent isn't checking job boards or career sites – they're scrolling through social media.

Hundred5 will help you get them intrigued to apply with a creative hiring campain on any of these platforms.

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Candidate screening

How to make candidate selection more efficient.

Don't waste your time on candidates who were a poor fit from the beginning.

Hundred5 pre-qualifies candidates by using filters in the job application process. Candidates need to take a short test to show that they have the skills to do the job.

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How to speed up your hiring.

Automate the most tedious parts of your pre-hiring and selection processes to decrease your time-to-hire.

Hundred5 automatically checks the answers to the screening test, determining instead of you if the candidate is a good fit or not.

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“Recruitment used to be our problem number one. Now it's barely problem number 20.”


Triinu, Monese

“What normally would take us four months now takes only one.”


Anu, Mooncascade

“The quality of our interviews has increased tremendously.”